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  1. I will take the lone stand and say prayer, but that's probably because it is my last skill to get over 50... But as F2P without buying the bones I think it is the slowest one by far.
  2. I think that you will find a lot of people that were around originally hadn't found Tipit or ever felt a desire to use some of the services here. I know I found it when I was googling for quest help for one of my last quests. Even after that I didn't use the forums for some time after that. So I really wouldn't say the age of your account on a fan site really has any connection to how long you have played for, beyond that it is almost guaranteed to be younger. My recovery questions were last set in July 6, 2005. So obviously I have been playing more then my Tip.it account, although I set them then because they had a big campaign going and I think they pushed people into it unless you really didn't want to. Before that I think it was July of 2001, although it could have been sometime in the second half of 2001. I think the easiest way to see if people were 4+ years is ask how if they remember RSC and when the rune 2-hander was the best weapon anyone could have, at least I was told it was.
  3. since sometime in 2001. Not really sure when though. And like another person, still only level 80 \ The really sad part about playing that long is I didn't know about holiday drops until after bunny ears, so I missed out on every one. Instead spending time with my family and such... Edit: I suppose I should include that I have been taking an extended break for over a year now. Although I do log in for every holiday event, since they are the only "quests" I can do anymore as F2P... And I like shiny new items.
  4. Does anyone else wonder how they know what the 500 most common passwords are? I thought most companies kept passwords in an encrypted database so that no one could break in to their site and steal passwords. It seems Jagex has the free time and ability to check people's passwords, or else they are just guessing what the top 500 passwords are...
  5. Firefox FTW! I actually have been using it since Version 1.0 after trying other stuff, like Opera that were out at the time, and have never looked back. Now I actually run Ubuntu, so it came with it and works quite well. Also, pretty much all of the good things in IE and Safari, such as tabs and add-ons were taken from Firefox, although not implemented as well \
  6. I had a pmod in the mining guild once, didn't realize he was a pmod until he messaged me because I was trying to talk to him. He said he was having some fun, then he spoke in public chat and 4 white dots vanished off the minimap, good times I don't mind pmods, I don't break the rules and they don't mute me, but I am f2p, so I rarely see them...
  7. Very well written, the discussion is getting somewhat philosophical, but anyway. I raise my mining the most, because it allows me to do something mindless and is relaxing. I will raise my other skills when i get bored to achieve a personal goal, but I have never had reason to raise them because people say i should raise them, a fair number of my skills are 10-15 levels behind my top ones just because they don't interest me
  8. Has anyone actually been hacked with a PIN? I think they are pretty safe as is, maybe give a box to a banker or have a spot in your bank you can protect with your recovery questions, but the box anywhere is way too complicated
  9. I like it because I am mainly a skiller, but i think the rate that you get giant granite is somewhat low for the number of pieces it takes for basic items. The idea is great though, the stats had better be good with that much work to make them....
  10. I still want to know if there will be a way to cure leech life. Also, how will people get the poison runes? Would they be like souls and bloods and be rare drops, or could people runecraft them at like 75-85 rcing?
  11. That's why there's the delay, all the time you need to enter basically any name/password. I can enter mine, and then wait for 15-20 seconds
  12. I like the basic idea, but what will they cost to cast, and they do seem a bit overpowered........unless they require things like blood runes/soul runes. Leech life maybe overpowered because it will probably kill people unless there is a way for them to cure themselves
  13. Noting items in the bank, after that I would say the bank at Lumbridge Does anyone else remember the fun times getting things noted from the certers?
  14. like so many others, all sounds off, mainly because rs sounds
  15. Making people join clans before entering wouldn't stop teams already there, they would just destroy you without being able to hit each other. I agree with the people above, and i have been betrayed, someone was friendly at the hobgoblin mine, said they wouldn't attack and killed me with almost a full load. Teams would make resource forays more difficult
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