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  1. anybody who has the combat lvl to get one ...or anybody using one can prolly take care of himself
  2. when i was f2p i could do anything in fishing that could be done so when i became a member, I thought "I was a great fisherman before...I'll go join the fishing guild" i found out i was 20 lvls too low made me feel like a total noob
  3. i tried to make link I wish i had a brunite sword or they should put a master sword in runescape somehow
  4. well, i really don't think the whole ditch thing is a big deal, or the password thing. there's only ONE problem I have. the only picture-making program i know how to use is paint, and I could make the ditch look better than that!
  5. I want to know where i can find a shop that sells spears
  6. ok, i sail in real life, and i thought it would be fun to see a skill like that in runescape Here are my ideas Sailing interface: You're out on your boat. There is an arrow showing wind direction, a square with a map, bigger than the on-screen map you normally use, and a diagram of your boat, showing damage, position of the sails, and other things. Controlling your boat: When you click on the tiller or steering wheel, a small bar would show up, one side being "left" and one side being "right." You click your mouse on a spot on the bar corresponding with how far you want the rudder to steer also, if you click on any of the cleats where the rigging is controlled, you have a similar bar, that controls how much sheet you pull in or let out. If you click on a sail or a mast, you have the option to "hoist sail" or "furl sail." As your "sailing level" increases, you can control larger, faster ships with more sails. Boat construction: you'll need a drydock, which would be situated in some major ports. You need wood, a saw, a hammer, nails, and cloth to make sails. As your "Sailing" level increases, you can build bigger, more luxurious ships. uses: you would use saling for transportation, obviously. You could go wherever you wanted, but would need a dock to get on and off properly. At higher levels, you could have the option of beaching your boat, but it would have to be on sand, and there could be a random chance that you end up destroying your boat. Also, it could be loaded with cargo, that is stored on the boat, much like a bank, but you could only access it from that boat. However, it would be safe from other players. dangers: if you run into a rock, another boat, or any obstacle, your boat will sustain damage. damage can be repaired only in a drydock. If your boat takes too much damage, it is destroyed. Depending on how far out you are, how much weight you have with you, you could drown. If you wreck trying to beach it, you should survive, but you may deplete your energy. If you wreck too far out, you could drown, and swimming would take energy. Your charactar would automatically swim for shore. This would have nothing to do with a skill level. i might suggest this on the official forums, depending on the response i get here
  7. actually, you're right, I don't really know much about this at all..... but could you give me links to where I could download this stuff?
  8. Hey, I always thought it'd be cool to make an MORPG, but the half-decent 3-d programs are too expensive. does anyone know of a good 2-d MORPG-making program that has decent graphics? I'd prefer a free one. I did a search, and didn't find anything.
  9. I understand your argument, and I partly agree. But, if they change the skills now, several players, (including me) would be out of a job. I make my living off lobbies and swordies, and I'd hate to lose that.
  10. if its lower than bronze, then they'll still have to work to get the good stuff, just like us. I got a training sheild, just 'cause it looked cool with silverlight
  11. when I got to a high enough fishing lvl to get lobbies
  12. I think what he meant was that the boomerang would be made of wood, with small meta edges, they would be sharpened.
  13. definitely. So far, I've never been a victim to any rule-breaker, of any sort, scammer or otherwise, but I know lotsa people who have. All for it
  14. go to Lumbridge, and give it to a lvl 3 in the palace courtyard. He'll have no idea what it is! But he'll be SOOOOO happy when he finds out how much its worth.
  15. I like that, but there's only one problem. "Dragon Slayer" is prized as being the toughest f2p quest. Once you complete that quest, you've evectivelly mastered f2p. That would mess up the prestige. On the plus side, that's a sweet quest.
  16. ill never be able to afford a santa hat. I LOVE WEARING THEM IRL. At least, around christmas time
  17. I didn't do last years Christmas event. Now I wish I had. PS: if you wanna bring back memories of Christmas, go to the music player and find "scape santa."
  18. oh, don't be so nice. There's a reason he has no friends
  19. okay, they don't state the exact time, but, we don know its in the middle ages. Galileo invented the telescope AFTER the age of swords and armor. I do know that much.
  20. no, and you're right, they never tell exactly when rs takes place. There is a flaw however, and it bugs me.... The wise old man has a telescope, right? Well, telescopes weren't envented until a few hundred years later, by Galileo.
  21. ok, I lived in Korea for a year, so that's the only part of asia that I've really seen a lot of. There should be, like, pagodas, and tigers. And, when you wear a "ninja robe," it should give agility bonuses, since ninjas are agile. And, it should give combat bonuses, only if you're unarmed.
  22. i like this a lot, except, instead of it being in draynor manor, put it in the varrok museum, since its already there.
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