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  1. Pures have existed and trained long before PC. PC just made combat training extremely easy for everyone.
  2. As already said the problem is teamers, but that was already a problem in normal wilderness. So I wouldn't say there are any new problems to PKing. They moved it and made it more compact, I think the change has some great potential but there are still some flaws that existed in the first system present.
  3. Bounty Hunting is pretty much the wilderness except improved a little bit since it's more people in a compact space. That said it's still teaming central just like regular wilderness was which I think is a huge problem that needs to be solved. No point in trying to be your own bounty hunter when you go in and 20 kids pile you as soon as you hit your target.
  4. :D Love the HYT - McGuff1 - tip.it staff
  5. A) Willows to 91 then Yews to 99. B) Willows to X then drop cutting Teak to 99 C) Willows to 99 Willows I hear give 40-50k XP a hour. Teak dropping I hear is about 60-70k a hour. Yews I'm unsure of the experience. I'm also unsure what level you're supposed to switch over to teak at, hopefully someone knows. Math/// Doing willows will net you 1.8mil xp a week at 40hrs a week. Doing teak will net you 2.6mil xp a week at 40hrs a week.
  6. Prayer pots are only slightly more XP than a willow. If you're collecting your own snape even using the fastest method, between doing that, making the pots and making them into 4s I'd say it probably works out to slower XP than cutting willow trees. I don't really consider woodcutting a fast 99 to get, but with Grand Exchange selling everything has become easier so the easier part could be true.
  7. Grand Exchange is a better update than Hunter.
  8. WoW is actually a knock of Everquest ;) At lot more story to it than that, but yup.
  9. I agree. RuneScape invented fantasy MMORPGS and since RuneScape is actually older than WoW, WoW must be copying everything from RuneScape.
  10. Teamspeak is awesome with it's terrible quality and inability to special effect individuals.
  11. What's to stop an autoer from selling to the Grand Exchange, then buying an item for an extreme over price from the person buying the gold via a website?
  12. 99crafting 99magic 99prayer 99theiving ;> I should be able to finish those in the first month. The next month is too far away and I haven't decided if I want to try and 99range/slayer or get 99firemaking/hunting ;>
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