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  1. he's a Stark trying to be an Ironborn. that's the way I took that character when they showed that letter writing scene That's a good way to explain it, at least his character so far. On a completely unrelated note, when are you going to do another guess the movie contest? I haven't seen pfilc23 or Daan on here in a while so I might be able to get a second win :) hah yeah pfilc really got lucky he won the last one. i've had his name in my sig for years now. but sure i'll consider making another.
  2. i think i finally understand why i didn't like LOK. TLA was a fun adventure. LOK takes it up a notch and makes itself seem more serious. the problem is that it needs to be childish enough for its audience (being on Nickelodeon and all). so what you have is a confused story that is neither mature nor childish fun. i understand what they tried to get at but they failed miserably. i guess it's perfect for middling teens. but as for me, i'm done with the show. couldn't even be bothered to watch the last episode. also, pro-bending seems to be an important part of the story line. unfortunately, it's a really crappy sport. i'd rather watch a game of hockey.
  3. he's a Stark trying to be an Ironborn. that's the way I took that character when they showed that letter writing scene
  4. so since the playoffs is kinda boring now with most exciting teams eliminated... team canada is fun to watch on big ice. ward is playing really well
  5. Faux

    Is there a God?

    Carl Sagan is agnostic. Every atheist here must be smarter than him.
  6. how do you get screwed by getting them off the net?
  7. i think bryz bet on the devils winning
  8. can't believe nashville. so upsetting
  9. not too sure about the scene with arya. now tywin lannister knows there's an assassin in the castle
  10. rinne gets a shutout without radulov and kostitsyn. makes russian players look bad
  11. Bryzgalov is bad and he should feel bad. 3 goals in the 3rd period =\
  12. Honestly, I'm willing to argue but your BS about Ty Lee being superior to benders is just way too much. First of all, Ty Lee was as successful as she was because she surprised everyone for being a really young girl. She was also one of the first chi-blockers ever and benders have no idea what she could do. She was still obviously weak compared to Zuko, Azula, Toph and Aang. All of which could negate her speed with AOE bending. But chi-blockers in this show aren't a surprise. You'd think that after the first couple fights that Korra wouldn't be such an idiot and figure out their weakness. But that's the premise of the show. The new avatar is an idiot with average bending skills. And yes, it's a weak story despite your attempt to take it out of context. Your exaggerations about the impact of Amon vs the Firelord is also funny. But whatever, that's too subjective to argue over. This'll probably my last post until after I watch the next episode anyway. Arguing with blind fanboys is fun but tiring ;)
  13. That would take way too much assumption for me to answer. I'm only basing my opinion on what they've shown so far. Taking away bending = meh story. Amon's army is a huge step down from the Fire Nation. And just watch this montage (only one I could find without cheesy music) for example. Can you imagine non-avatar benders like Toph or Azula getting beat by non-benders? That's one of the fault of the series. They made bending so impressive in the original and then attempted to turn it into something as weak as they've shown in LOK. Just disappointing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Ko7VusR04
  14. Then it's probably better for them to lose their bending then considering they're just thugs. It's not like Amon are trying to kill all non-benders. He's just removing their powers. TLA had episode arcs that were more interesting than this.
  15. Yep, that's a weak story. Went from saving the world to fighting nutjob extremists. Kind of a huge jump in significance. Maybe it's just me.
  16. Hard for me to stomach defensive teams. I could barely watch the NJ-FLA series
  17. He's one of my favourite minor character in the show. He (the actor) reminds me of Jean Reno
  18. hmm it does really appear that you like scolding other people for getting upset at your legitimate criticisms. to me your criticisms are dumb because they seem to be made with the intent of stirring up trouble, not because they are unreasonable (i haven't thought about it so wouldn't know). Creating fictional worlds is difficult. they tend to have plotholes. even books that are planned out for years - where the author can include and explain as much as he wants - have plot holes. This is nothing new. To think korra fans would be ignorant of such a thing seems rather naive. It's not just a plothole. It's about having a weak story in general. Martial artists beating up master benders is a weak story. Things like this makes me miss the old TIF when it was normal to have differing opinions. Now it's "stirring up trouble". Just weird.
  19. The one thing that all avatars showed is that they are prodigies in bending their natural element. Roku with fire, Kyoshi with earth, Aang with air. But Korra is mediocre with water. I'd even go as far as saying that Katara had more impressive techniques when she was 3 years younger. Korra's bending was neutered for the sake of making her character fit with the story so far, only an absolute idiot would refuse to accept that. I'm sure she'll get better when she meets new enemies. I mean how could they stretch this out to more than one season if they don't. But so far, the show has been disappointing.
  20. Again, tv != book Normally, you read a book in a span of a couple of weeks. Viewers don't sit for hours watching the show continuously. It's one hour per week spread for a few months with almost a year gap in production per season.
  21. Aang didn't get outfought by Ty Lee after he mastered 4 elements. He went soft on her maybe because he never really wanted to hurt her. Even with the FIrelord, he still didn't want to drill him when he could. He just took away his power and locked him up. The best bit of your post: And I suppose your comparison to Aang would be apt if they were the same person but they're quite obviously not so ? Korra is Aang reincarnate. Maybe they're not the same person, but even Aang showed the personalities of the previous avatars which is how they found out he was the avatar. Big fan you are, lol.
  22. Because you're assuming that Ros is insignificant? It sounds like HBO is turning that character into something more than an extra which could mean all her scenes mean something, as part of her character development. Even without that... Scene with Ros and Littlefinger - remind the TV viewers how ruthless Littlefinger can get Scene with Ros and Joffrey - show just how brutal Sansa's future will be when she gets married to him and that it's not just a front for the rest of the city (pure evil, nothing inside) Scene with Viserys and Dorya - gives some backstory on dragons Scene with Stannis and the Red Lady - gets her pregnant leading to the assassination Scene with Theon and Captain's daughter - some backstory on the culture of the Ironborn They don't make sense because there's a little bit of nudity? Meh.
  23. Except that I already wrote my argument before posting that "MSPaint drawing" Sorry if I'm hurting your feelings by criticizing the show. But calling my criticism "dumb" is just as ignorant as using capital letters. As an avatar, a master of three elements, she should be capable of handling those guys easier. Martial artists manhandling the avatar is a terrible way to start the show. And again, I'll keep watching the show because I can, I do live in a free country unlike you. You don't have to read my posts though, if they hurt.
  24. Most of the scenes like that were in season 1. They've gotten better about it in S2. Apparently, most of this season's budget went toward Blackwater. Don't mind me, I just don't like most sex scenes in media... :razz: I have a lot of expectations for Blackwater. Seeing all those wildfire pots made me happy.
  25. Like the one with Littlefinger watching the two prostitutes. Yes, you expect there to be sex scenes, there were tons in the books, but when you introduce two characters for the sole purpose of having sex scenes (Including Ros) when you have 600 minutes to tell a story that was 8-900 pages, your priorities are probably a bit skewed. Again, you're looking at this from a reader's perspective Sex scenes are cheaper than building sets for a lot of those short outdoor scenes in those 900 pages. Maybe you haven't realized it yet, but they cut out battles and scenes with dragons and wolves because they cost a lot to make. Especially the CGI involved.
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