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  1. heard Burke might draft a dman unless Galchenyuk or Yakupov is available, Burke should follow his scouts imo.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKTh7zBIcrM Liam Neeson's improv
  3. I hate saying this but it was almost too boring to watch. Czech was doing okay the first half but they were just brutal after. I was happy Ronaldo scored that goal because I hated the idea of 30 more minutes of that
  4. well earned goal by Ronaldo. Czechs were completely dominated in the 2nd half.
  5. I kinda had to predict an upset for a euro pool i'm in because i'm a couple of games behind the leader. i wanna win money :P Portugal is the weakest "favourite" imo.
  6. same thing except i have czech over portugal
  7. I was over at my friend's place today playing FIFA. It just wouldn't be the same if we played at our own houses in front of a computer Or maybe consoles are just better for people with friends, lol. That's not a tl;dr, that's an assumption. And a very ill-informed one at that. Anyway, barring any "PC is superior" comments (which it is if you like modding, and shelling out cash to make an amazing rig), the game franchises you like define what console you should get. Like Halo and Gears of War? Go for a 360. Like Uncharted and Killzone? Go for a PS3. For me, personally, I preffer the ps3, I won't deny that. I've been in love with the Resistance series because Insomniac isn't afraid of making things hopeless to the point that the main character has to be killed. Also, the ps3 has a higher limit on the number of players it can support in one match for many games (MAG, R2), although I'm not sure if that's a hardware thing or a developer's choice. The only weakness I've seen lately with the PS3 architecture is that it is a lot more rigid in RAM usage, which led to lag (thankfully fixed) in Skyrim. The fact that many multi-platform titles tend to be ported over to the PS3 also means that sometimes they don't pay as much attention to the final product (with Bethesda being the main culprit here). Maybe it's just me but I always prefer small team games over big team. It is impressive to have an all out war of 100 v 100. But it's uncoordinated and sloppy. Just a mess. If you're not carrying the team, you're getting carried. It's more fun to have a group of 5 people working together instead of a huge army without any teamwork. Especially anything that isn't team deathmatch, all people worry about are their KD ratio.
  8. we won't know til 2014 i guess. so what's everyone's picks for the QF?
  9. playing lying down on the couch on a big screen tv > playing on a tiny monitor PC isn't superior. It's just different.
  10. Europe's financial situation must be even more dire if they can't afford camera replay... sorry it was right there lol. Apparently the World Cup will have the "technology" because FIFA wants to prevent the England shens from 2010. Euro is ran by EUFA which is adamantly against it. I guess if it was a bigger country who got screwed of a goal EUFA might be more likely to change their mind.
  11. Ugh I think that's another blown call. In a sport where 1 goal means so much how do these refs keep screwing up? Jesus Christ. (edit - apparently it was offside. ref still screwed up but the game shouldn't be tied). England is more entertaining with Rooney though.
  12. Nah not just you. That was pretty much the same experience I had. People might think I'm ragging on the PS3 without playing it but I did prestige on MW2 and maxed out the engineer on BF3.
  13. Ireland fans are awesome. Unlike Croatian fans. What's with the flares? Too ghetto.
  14. wasn't offside. iniesta is so unselfish. i don't like how croatia plays. they play like italy too much (zzz boring) and whine to the ref too much when they were the aggressor the entire match.
  15. japanese vs north american customs with gaming. if you look at the most popular games in japan they're mostly single player (jrpgs, mario, etc). while the best sellers in america are sports games and CoD if it wasn't for microsoft i don't think console online gaming would be the way it is right now.
  16. so much photoshop but she doesn't need it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ_0xpmKoe8 in Wyclef's words "she makes a man want to speak Spanish" :lol:
  17. blaming Holland's defense is a copout imo. they scored 2 goals in 3 games so their offense wasn't any good either. italy-ireland today. i wouldn't mind ireland winning or making out with a draw :)
  18. i have a ps3. used to have a 360 but not anymore. these are the biggest flaws with ps3: loading times feel really long. i don't really play often so if i want to play a console game i want something that starts up fast and 15 mins later i'm done. not to mention the updates. so many updates. online is BAD. not nintendo bad, but i avoid playing with friends because of how painful it is. if you're used to Live and Bungie's online combination, PS3 is like trying to sew using your hands instead of a sewing machine. yes, it's possible to play online. but it's just not as fun or as efficient. that $60 people pay for live is completely worth it just because Live does it so well. not to mention that if you've ever used the group chat on live, you feel so spoiled after going back to PSN. that entire schtick about how Live has the worst community ever? It's completely bs. Online is online across the board whether it's PSN or PC. Also people on PSN are a lot less social than Live. Every now and then in a Halo game you'd have everyone wearing a headset. A game on PSN with half the players using a headset would be a rarity. that's pretty much it. oh and i never used the bluray ever.
  19. Is there a more overrated team than the Netherlands going into the Euro? So disappointing.
  20. Prometheus - didn't know anything about it going in except Ridley Scott and the LOST guy had something to do with it so I didn't know what to expect. Basically it wasn't as good as it could've been. Characters were stupid for the sake of the story and that really took away from the immersion. If you're the type who doesn't care about the details and just want to see eye candy, it's worth watching. If you're expecting a solid story because of Ridley Scott, you'll be disappointed.
  21. Faux


    never be shy about getting help from your TAs and professors. you're paying for their time.
  22. i had russia and greece making it out of this group. poland really screwed russia by drawing them and losing to the czechs. oh god that's funny
  23. if Greece keeps the lead and Czech wins their match, Russia's gone right? Lol wow.
  24. another terrible blown call. Greece should've gotten a penalty kick but instead gets a yellow card. Ouch.
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