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  1. the sad thing is that the girl is a nobody who just wants attention. lupul spends half his offseason in cali hooking up with wannabe actresses :thumbup:
  2. Hockey media are so worthless. Oh no Lupul is acting like any guy would in that position... Quick gets a 10 yr contract. Wonder what Price gets
  3. Faux


    http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20120627/REVIEWS/120629973 I don't like going to theatres for comedy flicks, especially with this film because I thought it's another movie that spent all the best jokes on the trailers. But with this review, I'm pretty sure what I'll be watching next Tuesday.
  4. $274 without a mouse, keyboard, and OS. Well thought out, lol. The cheapest a person should go building a PC is $500. This trash won't play any game that came out this year on medium settings. And consoles don't work like this. Just because you see a console "specs", you assume a PC with better specs means it's better. Consoles are more efficient at playing games than regular PCs. You can even say consoles were designed for games and PCs aren't ;). There is no "gaming" operating system for PC. There's a bloated Windows OS and that's it.
  5. PC gamers using HDTV are at a disadvantage against PC gamers using a monitor. How you can call yourself a "PC gamer", tout PC superiority and not know this is ridiculous. The bolded quote also shows you don't really know anything. Console games are designed and developed with using a TV in mind. PC games don't. Let alone the actual console... It's one of the reasons why PC gamers hate games that are ported from consoles.
  6. if you're talking about boots or formal shoes, i agree but if it's just sneakers, get as many different ones for cheap and that's fine. easier to mix and match with clothes. maybe sperry topsiders? they're $70-90 though
  7. Crunches are pretty ineffective for working out your abs. Consider doing hanging leg raises instead. And what everyone said about losing fat. Abs are made in the kitchen :)
  8. And use keyboard and mouse while lounging on the couch? Lol. If you're going to say "but PC games can use 360/PS3 controllers", don't bother. That's like playing handicapped against other keyboard/mouse users. HDTVs are also not meant to be used as PC monitors. They have different features meant for TV/movies that makes them terrible for PC gaming. Ever wonder why a 40" monitor is about 3-5x as expensive as 40" TVs?
  9. Screw Ronaldo. Tough to root for a guy who dives so much. What a waste of talent. I lost my pool, but I don't care. Viva EspaƱa!
  10. This game is brutal to watch. Feels like a home game for Portugal.
  11. maybe something more square-ish? you have an oval face so something more rigid might look better.
  12. My favourite part of that match was when De Rossi grabbed someone's shirt and then threw himself on the ground. It negated a corner and made me laugh so hard.
  13. England shouldn't have let it go to penalties. They weren't gonna beat Buffon
  14. Too late. Trade happened. Bye Schenn :(
  15. I know what you mean about Schenn. I think any Leaf fan who likes physical hockey fell in love with Schenn. But if he doesn't improve defensively next season there's a couple guys in the Marlies who can step in and take his spot. But yeah, he deserves a chance under Carlyle.
  16. Definitely a penalty. He prevented the ball from reaching the net with his hand. Even if it was probably an easy save for the keeper. I really hope Spain shows up for today.
  17. so he does take a dman. Matt Finn. TSN had him going #20 overall so another BPA pick. I hate Pierre McGuire but he's probably the best TV analyst of prospects since he was a scout himself and he had Finn going to the Caps @ 16. Leafs cupboard is filled to the brim with dmen now. Insane depth. But these guys won't be playing for another 2-3 years. If Schultz comes to TO that's like drafting another top 10 dman in this draft except he can play next season. I understand why Burke is doing this though. Toronto was 6th in the conference in goals for, but was just above Tampa for being the worst in allowing goals. Tampa probably had the worst defense next to Edmonton last season. Next things we can discuss are the free agency on July 1 and the lockout :lol: Maybe some potential trades. Schenn to Philly for JVR. I'm fine with that if we get Schultz.
  18. Oscar Dansk is the only goalie I know of that is expect to go early in the 2nd round. I think Burke will opt for "truculence" in the 2nd round. Rielly is talented but he's not a prototypical Burke pick. I'm expecting a power forward like Kerdiles. Honestly wouldn't be disappointed if he goes for another skill pick and get Collberg (ranked 3rd euro skater), Frk or Marcantuoni (TO native). Then again he can shock us again and draft a dman lol.
  19. shouldn't have been a 1st rounder. huuuuuuge reach. and gaunce gone now too. still hope they find a centre in the 2nd round. but lol @ Subban going to Boston.
  20. i wanted leafs to use the 2nd rounder on jankowski if gaunce wasn't there. good job feaster.
  21. not sure if i'd rather have grigs or faksa. that's great for the sabres. i know but you have to gamble at some point. it's easier to get a #1C if you draft in the 1st round. kopitar, kesler, getzlaf, richards, giroux, etc. non-top 5 picks that became 1st line Cs. can't keep drafting wingers and dmen.
  22. so jealous of Buffalo. Girgensons and Faksa? we need centers too lol. Hope we get someone like Gaunce with our 35th overall.
  23. 8 of the top 10 picks are defencemen. If every team went BPA that means there wasn't a 3rd forward worth picking in the top 10.
  24. Most people probably feel that way. In fact I'm sure a lot of people will complain and ask for Burke to get fired if he drafts a dman. But this draft reminds me of the 2008 draft. If you redraft the first two rounds there were only a couple of prospects that turned out to be good forwards and the majority turned out to be decent blueliners. Doesn't help that Grigorenko reminds me of Filatov. I remember Leaf fans wanted Filatov over Schenn then too, lol.
  25. a lot better than yesterday's for sure. germany come alive? can't wait for germany and either italy or england
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