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    Is this illegal?

    grow a beard and you won't get ID'd
  2. terrible offside call for greece. replay showed it was a fair goal. could've turned the match around for them but instead it stays 2-0 Czech.
  3. Nope Gratz to Quick winning. But it's unfortunate for Brodeur. Did they know NJs top pair was Zidlicky and Salvador? Lol Philly fans before this season "Carter and Richards party too much and will never win the cup" :lol:
  4. Worst that happens is a player doesn't shake someone's hand
  5. Yeah this series is a disappointment after the last two SCFs. But Kings probably don't care. Gratz to the LA Kings franchise for their first ever Stanley Cup! My Conn Smythe goes to Brodeur. Yes, Quick has also been amazing but Kings is a stacked team compared to NJ.
  6. probably the worst game so far. i hope england only played like that because they wanted a draw. if they keep that up i might have to just avoid watching them. so boring. nasri was impressive but other than that this match was meh. also it feels like every other game ends in a draw.
  7. I honestly didn't notice much diving in that match. And even so, the ref did a fairly good job by not giving too much away. Maybe because I'm a casual viewer, but somersaulting after someone makes light contact is just painful to watch.
  8. Obv cheering for Spain so I might be biased, but Italy had another great show of diving. At least half included a complete 360 tumble finish.
  9. Faux


    Mayweather would rather beat his wife than face Pacquiao.
  10. Faux


    if you didn't watch the fight here's a summary:
  11. Faux


    i did and i agree w/ people saying it's fixed. bradley winning means a rematch + incentive for pacman to keep fighting.
  12. i wear a tshirt and shorts when its 15C. what's your budget btw? if you're not really sure what you're looking for just browse and choose what you think you'll like. there's a huge difference between a cardigan and winter jacket. i'll share my go-to stores http://www.zara.com/.../225501/Jackets\ http://www.jcrew.com...y/outerwear.jsp http://www.revolvecl...=p&HPsource=Men http://www.indochino...azers-And-Coats
  13. glad i stayed home to watch this game. great game by brodeur and quick. but damn brodeur is 40. just too much skill and experience.
  14. i hate pretentious people. (pretentious means having an exaggerated self-opinion)
  15. she's not interested. move on. can't get everyone champ. Aren't you like thirteen lol? rofl
  16. I think it's either what you do that doesn't need more, or you're getting throttled by your ISP. I only pay for 1.8MBps (15Mbps) and I've seen it go over 2MBps before. it's the former. I meant that as in I don't really use that much speed because I don't really download HD movies or whatever.
  17. so freaky. should've used some moisturizer and worn sunscreen
  18. Chronicles. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1706593/ Good movie. Basically a story about high school kids who gain superpowers. I liked it because it's a change from the typical put on a suit and become superheroes cliche. Plus one of the guys were from the Wire. I honestly have never seen an ad or heard of it. Weird. The Darkest Hour http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1093357/ It's bad. Waste of Emile Hirsch's talent. He needs to fire his agent. Same thing with Chronicles. Never seen an ad/heard of it. WAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. never fails to make me laugh.
  19. yeah it's unfortunate. GoT was published 7 years before the Walking Dead comics but AMC was quicker on the draw with zombies
  20. their white walker looked better than what i had in mind. amazing.
  21. 77Mbps down which is 9.6MBps home connection. doesn't matter though because i've never seen it go more than 2MBps.
  22. \ subtle Winning the Cup at home is a completely different feeling than away. But they should just end it this Saturday.
  23. hah i think he just naturally looks like that. he doesn't show emotion too often hoping for the sweep tonight
  24. Maybe because I'm accounting for Kovy playing injured. Playing 25-27 mins a night in his status is impressive.
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