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  1. I seriously don't care if Tuska wins or not. It's pretty obvious that no one would be able really rally enough with default capping alone, so they probably wanted some sort of push to prevent it...thing is, no one's going to push to prevent it unless there's incentive to do so at the end of it all. Overall I think Tuska colliding with the planet and being rebuffed in some manner is more interesting than sucking Tuska dry of anima mundi juice.


    keep in mind that even if tuska is killed, they still haven't come up with a way to slow her down enough to not crush the planet


    as for trusting jagex's knowledge about their own game


    uh, we're gonna need a third opinion

  2. now, say, teleporting off of tuska's head to activate the flying glitch, that'll probably [bleep] up your point reward


    realistically, if you thought it'd be "fair" without the godless, it would have gone towards arma again so who even cares


    frankly, the godless need at least one actual conflict to be in so that they aren't a complete wash as a faction, even bandos had some dignity dying

  3. So, like a goblin raiding party, but with the wandering AI of the second world event?


    In addition, it would be neat to see units from the previous world events make a bit of a comeback...it would also provide an opportunity for less represented factions to be visible as a contributing factor to the conflict, rather than taking turns like this is high tea or something.

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  4. so, you want to take the TH skilling outfits, which were time degrade before, which were converted to not degrade, back into a different degrade mechanic, targeted at skillers, who are at the lower end of the economic scale


    while we're at it, let's create the ninja ninja team, task them with fixing our grumpiness problem, and give them one person with a bag of crisps as their budget


    sell cosmetic horse blinders in solomons so that people can continue to contribute to runelabs


    add new prayers that increase power but lower accuracy so that we can increase the efficiency at which we keep missing the point entirely

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  5. oh, they've already tried to adjust the resource flow, but then they keep undoing it to get more people to log in regularly, or to sell keys


    also, even if they did slow it down, the bots are starting to trickle back in


    and even IF they succeed, all they will really do is once again affect the people who don't have most of the money, because the people with the money also tend to have massive hoards of supplies


    we need something that consumes large amounts of items that are normally converted to gold, and preexisting gold, and appeals to rich [wagon] chasing after minor gains to one up each other or show off more, and what does that better than a system that progressively requires increasingly more of those things in order to scratch that perfectionist minmaxer itch


    if people will stand in a castle for several months just to get a cape trimmed, they'll certainly go for this

  6. overall, people saying death is too easy are really saying that newer/lower level/poor connection players should be punished more for existing, because otherwise we'd have to come up with an actually novel way to compensate for the old level of the flow of resources in a world where we no longer punish people for dying because there's no reason to do so anymore


    optimum usage of time and access to resources are the main factors that death protects atm, and any other function outside the wilderness is largely insignificant


    one of the few high priority reasons why i push for the invention system is that it would be a particularly convenient way to destroy massive amounts of resources and gold, by dumping it all into nontradeble non stat based advancement, but this was scrapped for closure and an area which could have arguably improved the game more if all of its features were used to update existing dead areas of the game instead of building a monument to today's runescape: short term gains, long term disappointment


    instead, they used that concept in its mangled form for the spring cleaner, which itself is a cannibalized form of an item that would have been an invention feature, as part of a whole ecosystem in which the items being salvaged FROM the spring cleaner would cycle back into being converted into more invention fodder instead of eventually ending up as more gold


    building an intelligent system allows for the attachment of many more separate ideas, instead of constantly putting out fires and letting dust collect on various projects which went nowhere and occupy more space in our pretty significantly large downloads. considering "any sink is a good sink" speaks of this mentality where we're living day to day like cavemen, where our "best effort" is the ninja team, a group tasked with resolving important, gamewide issues with a qtip and a rubber band


    allowing the system as it is now to perpetuate more waste and more stockpiling leads to stagnation and decreasing satisfaction per effort, and trying to use death to solve this issue is using the wrong tool to solve a problem that is much larger than it could have even dreamed of attempting to solve, if it were actually suited to doing so

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  7. It's a regressive tax though (lower level/less monied players are more likely to die and people with bad connections are less likely to have either) so it's somewhat less effective


    you would have to promote situations where high level/rich players are going to die to lag in order to bring the curve back

  8. mfw people are completely outraged for getting a free action bar


    yes, we should be thankful for something we should have gotten on release because of all these dang different weapon set types


    grovel you peasants


    (i would be less annoyed if sinkholes actually let us pick between weapon loadouts instead of enforcing one specific weapon loadout requiring its own bar if you don't have that weapon loadout outside of dg)


    as for putting stuff in your PoH storage, have you just tried using your items on the container

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