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  1. I made a dueling ring and teled to cw. I had the emerald ring and the runes all ready too.
  2. At 99 combat it's hell out there. I'd say 70 is the best, as I see plenty of 110+ guys in mystic with ancient staves. Thank you Pest Control... :evil:
  3. I used a chefs' delight from 66 cooking in RFD. Note that 65 cooking won't work.
  4. Shazarabbit, do you wear a ring of wealth at the ankous? I don't, and I'm lucky if I can get 100 death and blood per trip.
  5. I've met pissant64. He was a bit of a noob though...
  6. There is a fine line between bug abuse and emergent gameplay. While I agree with the editor in that Jagex draws the line a little too harshly, Durial's massacre was clearly bug abuse. You suggest letting us keep certain examples of emergent gameplay. This might be nice, but Jagex never intended falador square to be as dangerous as level 56 wilderness. My idea is, if it harms other players and is blatant scamming, it needs fixing. If it's something harmless, like walking around like your drunk, that's fine.
  7. Enlighten me... How can I make farming an enjoyable experience? Anyway, I enjoy agility and thieving, not so much farming.
  8. I'd say it is worth it, I make a fair bit of cash from it. But as for a d axe, I see daily threads about people who lose the axe heads, so I'd just stick with rune. Personally, I don't own a d axe.
  9. If you don't have a scim, grab a longsword.
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