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    Favorite sayings.

    There can't be one. What could possibly justify taking the life of another human? They're a murderer? Congrats, you're no better. They murdered/raped someone in your family? That's not justice, that's revenge.
  2. Kiriyama

    Favorite sayings.

    And to what end would murder be justified?
  3. Kiriyama

    Favorite sayings.

    So you're saying murder can be justified?
  4. so in a month, either 30 or 31 days, you played 24 hours total. That's less than an hour a day. Pathetic stats. 0/10. Coming from someone with 99 Fletching banked... :rolleyes: To the OP, fairly good progress so far, especially for a more casual player than anything.
  5. I take it you never been to a pet shop? The person in there has a sell-all option for spirit shards. I take it you haven't used it? You can only sell a max of 50k per transaction, so you'd be at it a damn while if you have a big pile.
  6. Where is that debate. Qeltar's results are pretty clear actually. I'd love to see some more people testing this though. I'd call the results strange when in 1 case, he actually records more kills without a ring.
  7. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Rockshell_armour There's always other sites.
  8. http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=4148 Or..Y'know..Common sense dictates you could search for specific pieces to find out what is needed to make it. The site does have an item database.
  9. Why would you replace a Rune Defender with a DFS on Slayer?
  10. I have to write a CV. Anyone got any tips?
  11. That's exactly why you see bumper stickers that say "Everything I need to know about Allah, I learned on 9/11." Lmao, where can I get one of those? Why would you want to put something so patently ignorant and foolish on your car? Aren't you worried that there might be some intelligent people in your neighborhood who might see it and learn something about you that you wish they hadn't? I'm going to put this in the most simple way possible.. It's Skully_Sc.
  12. If her decision is "I have no other choice," society hasn't done its job properly. Sometime she'll have to face the cold hard truth that abortion kills a human being. I'd rather her face the truth before she makes another bad decision, rather than afterward. Your position is you want the woman to make a choice. How can she do that without being completely informed, and only being told half-truths? Call the unborn what you want, a picture is worth more than a name. How can a representative from Planned Parenthood, or any other abortion clinic say with a straight face that their organization is pro-choice, when only 3% of the pre-borns going in there are coming out alive. They're not looking out for women, they're looking out for their bottom line. Its an ugly truth when you first learn these things. She already knows what an abortion is, she's already dealing with the consequences of her action. Why should we torture her any further when she goes for it? You think these woman as despicable? I say you're worse than them for wanting to put any woman through that sort of psychological torment.
  13. Sees_All, I'll address the final part. The reason they don't call it a child in abortion clinics is to cause less mental stress on the woman. Do you think she wants to be constantly reminded whilst going for the procedure that she is basically killing her child? What mother wants to go through that? She's made her decision, it's going to be hard enough on her without making it any worse. Do you really want to emotionally scar these women? From the looks of it, you do.
  14. Who gives a [bleep] aside from you? Frankly, you should be able to see what qualities are attractive about another man, it doesn't make you gay. If people want to post guys, they can go ahead, they don't have to live to your expectations of the thread. David Boreanaz is definitely hotter than the pink haired chick. :thumbsup:
  15. [hide=quote] Cool beans, you stuck me on a definition. But that's completely ignoring the context that we're discussing this in. If that's what he really wanted to talk about, then his fault for not being clearer. From now on I'll refer to it as "induced abortion" because you guys refuse to stick to the topic on hand. [/hide] I'm sorry, but what? Your whole post in which I was aiming that at was just you claiming that a removing a dead fetus is not an abortion, when by definition it is, and you saying you're just going to ignore a user. So how is that ignoring a context, when I reply to a relevant part? Or do you just dislike being corrected? Also, you claimed to have looked extremely deeply into the pro-life side, have you actually looked as hard into pro-choice? Or is your opinion based on a lack of information?
  16. Medical Dictionary abor·tion definition Pronunciation: /ə-ˈbȯr-shən/ Function: n 1 : the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Abortion Enjoy the definition, Sees_all.
  17. Violent threats from a minority should not be a cause for causing offence to a majority.
  18. Abortion is legal. Therefore it's not a crime. Maybe in your eyes, but not in the eyes of the law, which y'know... Actually matters in this case. EDIT: Sees_all, got a source for that statistic?
  19. Highschool of the Dead. That is all.
  20. Trust me, those would be problems I'd love to have, because it means that millions of children aren't being killed in the womb. Who took care of those children before the 1970s? Their parents. Who took care of teen pregnancies? The teens, and their parents. My argument is very simple: 1-Abortion is always the undesired outcome. 2-Abortion ends an innocent human life. 3-People that procure abortions are either misinformed, or do it for (in my opinion selfish) convenience reasons - "Its inconvenient for me to carry a baby to term right now". 15 year old gets raped and falls pregnant. You'd have her carry that child?
  21. To Zanarkand Found myself listening to only a few songs now. To Zanarakand from the FFX Piano Collections. Otherworld - Black Mages The Skies Above - Black Mages Aerith's Theme - Advent Children OST One Winged Angel - Advent Children OST
  22. It's be said before, murder is, by definition, the unlawful taking of a human life. Since Abortion is legal, it is not murder. Secondly, I'd wager a good amount of people here have had sex, a good portion of which have probably done it for fun. Now, if we've taken preventative measures, yet it still happens, are you saying that my girlfriend who is still in education, should be forced to keep a child that we (we are both in education) cannot support? Should she miss some of her education which she needs to get into uni, in order to have a child? There has been teenage pregnancies in my family. My sister is expecting, and she's not 17 yet. My aunt went through exams whilst pregnant. That was their choice. Fact is, we take measures to avoid pregnancy, if they fail, it's up to the mother whether she wants to keep it or not. You can't stop people having sex, whether they love each other or not. I don't want a kid, but if I want to sleep with my girlfriend whilst taking measures against having a kid, I [bleep]ing well will if she is willing. If we encounter trouble, it's her choice what to do with it. Her body, and if she doesn't want something which is essentially a parasite living off her for 9 months, to make her miss out on education, or indeed, make myself miss out on education if we were to keep it. There was abortions before it was legal, and if it's made illegal, there will still be some after. What makes it okay to endanger the life of a human who has to resort to a backstreet abortionist in order to prevent a few babies being aborted in a safe environment?
  23. *Sigh* Have you even read it? There is a primitive heart, but it is not fully developed.
  24. http://www.secondlookproject.org/tslp_fetal.html This source is a heck of a lot more specific than yours, and isn't a forum. It also cites everything. 3 weeks. Not 5-7. This is going to just be us comparing sources.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prenatal_development#Week_6 Cites a book, hell, I'll even put the link to the citation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prenatal_development#cite_note-larsen-4 http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=H5qw-jiMc44C&printsec=frontcover&dq=human+embryology&hl=en&ei=6eXyS-uCEsv7_AbJxKGVDQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CC4Q6AEwAA#v=snippet&q=heart&f=false Page 157. EDIT: Page 158 shows that it's 21 days for the heartbeat, but 5-7 weeks for the heart to develop into a full human heart. EDIT2: I think the problem of times arise from it being 21 days after conception, but 5-7 weeks after the last period. To put it in basic terms.
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