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  1. People disagreeing with you does not equate to flaming.
  2. I take exception from that. I can get dressed in about 5 minutes. I don't do any make up or crap like that, the most I do with my hair is brush it. I don't really know how getting up earlier can be comforting for you :P Because we get to sleep in longer. Not if she wakes you. :thumbsup:
  3. LCoolL, in the end, that 488k, assuming you use D Bones and Altars, would save a decent amount of cash. Let's add in the Tome of Frost, for those who Barrage with a Master Wand/SOL (if the latter is 1 handed) it's actually pretty good, since it gives +10 Magic attack (less than Mage's Book I believe) and also infinite water runes. Arcane Stream Necklace: +15% Magic damage and +14 Magic attack, not the best for Magic Attack, but 15% extra damage. Chaotic Rapier: I do not know if you'd keep it on death, but it would be useful for Corp Beast, considering it is better in stats than Zamorakian Spear (is it the same speed though?) and I assume 1 handed, allowing use of the Rune Defender, which is only beaten by Vesta's Longsword (probably not on speed) yet it lasts for 10 hours, rather than the 1 hour of Vesta's Longsword. And the shields could probably see situational use for those who can't afford the better Spirit Shields.
  4. So you don't pick up the bones in there, making the Bonecrusher useless? If anything, the Bonecrusher is one of the more worthwhile awards, giving a slight amount of prayer experience for each kill of something that gives bones. I could have used something like that whilst Slaying.
  5. Sorry, that's just not true. What you describe is EXACTLY what EVERY good software company does. In fact, it's what every good company of any sort strives for. It *is* useless, compared to alternatives that already existed or were in the development pipeline when it came out. If the subject here was listening to customers, what were they saying? "Make it useful for maging" or "Boost its melee stats"? Firstly, could you name an online game with the amount of playstyles RuneScape has to back up your claim? Perhaps it is not the best weapon compared to others, it looks to be extremely situation for those that cannot afford the others, but do you expect every piece of content updates to be the best and beat all the others before and after it? Seems a bit strange, again, no progression could happen there.
  6. Okay.. You try telling a playerbase what you are adding to a game. It'd never get released since there'd constantly being people disagreeing, wanting changes and so forth. In the end, we'd hardly progress at all. With any game, they try for content targeted to their target demographic, and unfortunately with a large online game like this, there's no way to appease everyone. This skill was aimed at those who like the idea of raiding dungeons and such, perhaps those who dislike it are outside this demographic. You're kidding, right? Let's just take one example: the penance trident. Some Jagex developer who obviously never plays RS more than he has to, creates this utterly useless item. A whole bunch of players complain that it is useless for maging. They respond by boosting its melee stats. Please explain that to me? It's just one of many, many examples. Perhaps with that weapon, they were looking to give it a more all-round use, not only for Magic, but for some melee too. In the end, boosting the staff too much, a staff which is rather easily obtained I assume. That and with a +17 to Magic attack and a chance to save runes..It hardly seems useless.
  7. No matter what you do, someone will be able to find a flaw in it. With 100k+ Players on at most times, and considering there are likely 1m+ people playing, can you ever please them all fully?
  8. If there is not enough constructive feedback, how can it be listened to? I assume you believe they have to respond to each piece? The feedback is taken into consideration, then measured against others, and then they try to please all sides.
  9. Okay..So you're arguing that Jagex does everything wrong at first? Yeah, perhaps Jagex do have problems with new skill releases, but hell, there's future content updates to them in order to help develop these skills. What do they do? Keep the skill unreleased until it's "perfect", or release what they think is a good skill, and then make additions at a later date based on feedback? Easily the second option makes more sense. If they delayed it, it just means longer until people complain about it. They don't know what the playerbase expects from something unreleased, especially in a new skill. A skill starts off with a idea. The idea develops. Content is added to the idea. The idea is polished off and released. Jagex get feedback. Skill updates are added based on the feedback. Sounds like the sane man's way of doing it.. Ah, but of course you're the type that doesn't want things that aren't perfect released..You expect it to be absolutely perfect even though Jagex don't know what players want from something they have not got in their game. As for Hunter, I believe it is very much alive, with the difficulty in finding worlds for the better training spots, it is hardly a dead skill as you claim. Hunter actually has rewards, with Black Salamanders being a useful weapon in some situations, chinchompas being a fast way to train Range. Implings providing other rewards (useful like Dragon Arrows, or merely cosmetic such as Royal gear.) The fact is, your post is heavily opinionated with little knowledge of how things actually work. Ever wonder why it takes console games awhile to be released? How some can be in development for years before release? That's because they don't have what online game developers do, the ability to completely upgrade the game (Of course, downloadable content now means there can be additions), but the game has to be more perfect because it is a finished project, they don't have the luxury of being able to completely change the game based on feedback, of course, they can improve in a sequel but if the original game is completely terrible, who is going to buy the next in the series? Seriously, if you think something is wrong with an aspect of a game, then give some constructive feedback, rather than just saying it sucks and how it's how you expect it to be, without actually giving any idea of what you want from the skill. Frankly, you've given nothing other than "Waah! I want a quick 99! Not something that takes time to level despite being enjoyable! Also I want all the rewards to be cheap! Despite the fact they are amongst the best item in game." Oh, and for your information, it's being posted that Jagex are looking at the cost of the rewards.
  10. For all purposes, they are what zombies basically are, and are often lumped into the Zombie sub-genre. Right now, it seems the Zombie sub-genre is getting more and more ill-defined, anything remotely zombie-like is called a zombie. Then again, it's not really such a bad thing, deranged-lunatic-infected-human just doesn't have the same effect as zombie, it'd be a joke.
  11. Actually it does. You'd make more sense just saying "Wobbuffet." repeatedly.
  12. My thoughts exactly, I go to the movies to see a damn movie, not play tonsil hockey. Must be something to do with the movies they always watch.... Well, if the movie ends up being a load of [cabbage]..What else is there to do?
  13. Did you read this part of my post? "Since we're including 28 Days/Weeks Later, I guess I can throw in The Crazies (2010)." If you take The Crazies out of the zombie genre, then I take out 28 Days/Weeks Later.
  14. Promethium Rapier and 125 Promethium Arrows.
  15. No, a trimmed Dungeoneering Cape would be at Level 99 with 1+ other 99(s). Though a "true" trimmed Dungeoneering cape will be at 120. I'm interested to see the stats of it. Also How Do You Type Like This Here? It Seems Like Too Much Effort.
  16. At this moment, that experience is pure speculation. For all we know, they could easily have different required exp from 99 onwards.
  17. For Number 5, I'll add this. You need to have completed the previous floor before you can access the next. I.E completed floor 3 before you can access floor 4.
  18. Meh, believe what you want, but for the hell of it.. Firstly, I have a good relationship with my father. Secondly, whilst I have in interest in vampires, that purely comes from my interest in horror/slasher films, in no way do I believe I am a vampire, funny you say that though, it's a running joke in my class at college, and if I want to argue technicalities, since I go out in daylight, it'd actually be a dhampir you're wanting to accuse me of believing I am. Frankly, I just like that style of clothing, there's no real reason behind it.
  19. http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/product_20733-64-1718_Necessary-Evil---Highwayman-Coat.htm That, with some sort of T-Shirt, usually Crow Spirit ( http://www.blackrose.co.uk/index.php?leaf=dt181600 ) or Zombie Night ( http://www.blackrose.co.uk/index.php?leaf=dw176700 ) And a pair of Demonia Rocky 10's (can't be bothered hunting for a good picture) Pictures always help, right? Looking to get a couple pair of somewhat baggy trousers too. EDIT: People at college were surprised when I didn't come in with a bigger pair of boots, I would have but I couldn't find any under £100 (the Demonias cost £80) And I'm thinking of trying a black shirt with them, just to see how it looks.
  20. Confession: I keep looking at this thread hoping there is going to be some funny confession/secret/regret. Regret: That I keep doing that despite my mind knowing otherwise.
  21. 150? Pfft.. I have 175, thank you. Though really, if you are interested in what your IQ is, don't use free online tests, they're not that good a way to find out your actual IQ.
  22. You can't argue that when you are treating those you are crashing with less respect simply because they are a lower level. They can use the same to you.
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