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  1. What are you talking about Geesch? High Alch is, and always has been, F2P.
  2. Perhaps it doesn't now because of the advice that has been given mainly to people with problems? And if I knew what being English had to do with this exact subject, I wouldn't have asked. So please, tell me.
  3. Lent, you say that, but you've got to remember.. This thread used to have people asking about all kinds of relationship problems. And what does Ginger being English have to do with anything?
  4. And your frees would be better used for studying for exams. They're no worse than you.
  5. [hide= Long quote] It would still be nice if we could have someone who's more interested in attracting for the long-term than for the short term. I made a long post about my feelings towards this topic a while ago. In a nutshell, it seems to me that most people on this thread are more interested in just dating or having sex with hot girls, rather than getting into relationships or falling in love (which is surprising since the topic title is "'I want a girlfriend,' and other relationship advice"). It also seems that a lot of people here have just become disenchanted with the idea of getting into a relationship or falling in love. Additionally, a few people have stated in the past that they have some pretty serious psychological problems (which makes maintaining a relationship pretty complicated). Picking up girls is easy. You can do that w/o being yourself-- you can have a cool (fake) personality and act like hot [cabbage] and they'll all flock to you. However, after you've been dating the same girl for over a year, trying to be someone you're not, it becomes pretty obvious to the girl that you're acting like someone you're not, and things begin to fall apart. The most important thing about being in a relationship is to be yourself... something which seems to be unrecommended around here, unfortunately. Though, being someone you're not isn't always a bad thing. A few years ago I did a lot of self-examination and basically thought of traits that I wished I had, and decided if they were really as important as they appeared to be. Then, if they were important, I focused on developing them. So, for a while I wasn't really "myself" until I had matured those traits and they became part of who I am now. Similarly, I also looked at all of my "flaws" and thought about them-- were they really flaws that would mess up my life or were they just imagined flaws? If they were serious flaws, was there anything I could do to fix them? If not, could I learn to deal with them? As I've said before, a lot of people around here seem to have some serious flaws and aren't doing anything about them. Instead of taking the long, difficult route of doing lots of self-examination and improvement, they're taking the easy way out of covering it up with a fake persona which they don't seem to be benefiting or learning from. Then again, though, as mentioned previously, not many people around here actually seem to mind being single, so I guess nothing's wrong :P Back to your original comment, though, I don't post much around here since I feel like I'm from a completely different "school of thought" than everyone else around here, so my advice always conflicts with theirs. It all depends on what the person asking for help wants, and how badly they want it. [/hide] I think you're right. Personally, I've been more interested in longer term relationships, and have actually had a few problems in the past, but I've never posted them here. I prefer to PM certain users about them, or ask people I know. Nothing against the people on this thread, of course, it's just I disagree with how they think. Perhaps it is those with the problems see the majority of the posts here and are driven away from posting them. If we go far enough back into the thread, there was other problems being posted, some during romantic relationships, whilst others to do with family members and maybe to do with friends a few times.
  6. They'd work on base level, would they not?
  7. You should post here more often. We've got people who can help you before a relationship, but hardly any during said relationship. Rarely does anyone post about troubles during a relationship.
  8. Then the company annoys me for making it possible to play them at such a volume that breaks them. It's really your fault for playing them too loud. Sure, they make it possible, but it's going to damage the headphones over time, and it'll be worse for your hearing. As for things that annoy me, people who play music too loudly with headphones on, on a public bus. What's the [bleep]ing point of the headphones if I hear it anyway? And as an extension, those who play their [cabbage]ty music loudly on a public bus, knowing everyone else is going to hear it.
  9. I notice you have 99 Attack. Try using Melee mainly, with a BGS (and it's specs) and only range when frozen, you shouldn't need Stat boosting potions. http://forum.tip.it/topic/256003-nomad-made-easy/page__p__4064381__hl__Nomad%20Made%20Easy__fromsearch__1entry4064381 I used this guide, use the inventory from the video (replace claws with Rune C'bow) EDIT: This actually worked for me, I failed my first attempt with a different method, but once I switched to this, I beat him no prob.
  10. Is there a point to changing back? Keeping the two types keeps the market relatively stable, changing it back to 1 type would just be too much trouble.
  11. I assume that takes into account selling back excess Fire Capes? Well, I think you've just proven that Jad would be terrible for moneymaking, the Mole would be better.
  12. Next time read the numerous posts already made before you make your own. Jad, really? The original poster wanted to boss hunt for profit. :thumbdown: How much are furies these days? 10m? Depending on how much you spend to kill it, could very well be profitable. You get what? 8k Tokkul once you beat the Jad? Do this for me.. (2,700,000/8032)*[time taken to get to and kill Jad] That's how long it'd take.. Add 8k to the amount of Tokkul if you sell extra Fire Capes, in the end, that'd still be too long to be considered good profit, if any.
  13. Kiriyama

    rune sc00p?

    Dear God..He's made some sense.. The end is nigh!
  14. Funny, you've said you're leaving this topic on multiple occasions..Still here though. And really, why should I wish you a happy birthday? I do not know you, so it is meaningless.. Go out and celebrate your birthday with some mates, rather than do it all online.
  15. Firstly, we have an edit function here. Secondly, as anyone will point out, there was no hatred on the original thread, which I even helpfully linked to, well, maybe my last post after you said there was hatred would count as a little, but anyway.. Lastly, yeah..Edit function, useful to know how to use it.
  16. Aww..How cute.. He thinks he's being all grown up and wise. And yes, I did read the topic before I made my statements, and I stick by them. The only reason you made this thread is because you think people who are mainly concerned about your safety when you give out such information easily are "haters".
  17. http://forum.tip.it/topic/263232-canceled/ For those who wish to see the original topic. For those who can't be bothered clicking, another user brought up concerns about the OP giving away his date of birth, especially when you consider his age, he obviously didn't understand the question, so I put it across in another way. Which then lead the OP to believe we all hate birthdays, and spawned this thread. But really..Says some things about his life if on his birthday, he has to celebrate it with strangers on a game.
  18. I doubt you can call it much of a birthday if you are celebrating it online. Anyway, we were only asking if you were sure about giving away your date of birth on a public forum, especially at such a young age. No hatred here.
  19. That doesn't answer his question. At your age, should you really be giving exact dates of birth here?
  20. That may be all well and good for you but most people don't have enough room on their Friend's List to be so discretionary. Plus, it could work vice versa e.g. If an old friend (with P Chat set to FRIENDS) deletes you for whatever reason you won't be able to PM him and you may think he stopped playing. Then clearly we stopped being friends the moment the person deleted me, besides, if you delete someone it's because you don't expect to talk to them again. Sure, if you have a popular CC which that particular friend goes too, but, again, that may not be the case for most people.If you're looking to get into contact with someone who isn't online, or if you want to see if they still have you added, where do you go? Their CC. A threat? I don't think getting a spam PM from someone on Runescape can really be considered a threat - I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Especially because, in the rare occasion that it happens, you can quickly and easily ignore that person. I wasn't using threat in that sense, and really, I prefer not to use my ignore list because there is no need for me to. And to add more to the whole point about friends who have quit, they know there's a chance people won't remember who they are when they leave, plus if they really wanted to stay in contact with people, they'd find a way. Responses are in bold.
  21. I rarely delete people, and I usually weigh up whether there is a reasonable chance of them coming back or not. I've had people randomly add me for little to no reason at all, I once had someone add me because of similarities in our names (before display names). Plus I'd wager that anyone I know that comes back to the game would enter my CC and hopefully take the hint from the name of it, if they wished to get in contact with me that much. Besides, the whole "people putting petty insults/spam" to me is a lot worse of a threat than not being in contact with someone from years ago. I've had people attack me ingame because they lost in an argument with me or they just dislike the fact I speak in (aside from a few spelling errors) perfect English. When I remove someone, it's because I consider myself to no longer know who they are.
  22. No, I do not think it is lame and arrogant to have Private Chat set to Friends.. I do this myself because I like actually knowing who is PMing me, if I've had a decent conversation with someone, and they ask to add me, I've got no problems with that. However, tell me why I should have to deal with someone who has randomly added me that I've never spoken to. Plus..I like to argue a lot, and the people I do it with often get annoyed, wouldn't put it past people to do it just to insult me/whatever.
  23. They're geared towards being better at certain aspects of the game.. Seriously, that's the point behind them.
  24. Wait.. Single mil? What time do you live in? The whip is 3.5m mid. Anyway, with a whip in the 60 combats, they'll be what? 1 defence? Losing out on parts of the game there.
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