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  1. Last movie I properly watched was The Crow (1994). To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about this at first (my sister recommended it), but I have to say, I actually enjoyed it. Now just to get a copy of the comic it was based on.
  2. It's just a book. It's a matter of supposed "manhood". I've never actually read Twilight, don't intend on it either, but I'm barely in a position to judge other males for doing so. I've read a few romance mangas because I was intrigued by the title (Bloody Kiss and Beat Master to name two). Ended up fairly enjoying them because of how it played out and even recommended it to my girlfriend. Seriously though, don't judge others based on something they've chosen to read, and as I've now come to learn, if you're not in the target audience for something, don't [bleep] about it.
  3. Links Awakening I believe. Was pretty good to be honest. I recently played through Minish Cap again, and I have but a single comment on it. [bleep] Kinstones. Just confirming that it is Link's Awakening. I didn't get far into LoZ:TP (Wii) and I've stopped playing Link's Awakening for a bit (I'm on level 6 I think), trying to find the seashells for the level 2 sword is annoying.
  4. Oh please... It wouldn't make it too easy just to mark it on the map when discovered. It'd just be more convenient than noting it elsewhere.
  5. Trouble Brewing ,to an extent, and Barbarian Assault to name two.
  6. Damn..I didn't know voice actors were popular in marine mammals..You learn something every day I suppose. Unless you meant the country, Wales. I didn't care too much for the voices, as long as we have the option to turn off voices, I'll be pleased. I could only see Jagex hiring some cheaper voice actors, well, you don't need big name people to do it anyway, as long as the person can actually do a voice.
  7. Yeah.. Drop rates are a chance to drop..You just got some good luck at the tower and got 2 drops. There's no difference.
  8. What was your previous RuneScape name that you are listed under on the highscores?: Caius Bear What is your current RuneScape display name?: Kiriyama What Tip.it highscore list(s) are you currently added to?: P2P
  9. Wouldn't more people feel disadvantaged that they can't use their money a little more on bonus exp for some skills however? After all, it's likely the money would go further for some skills.
  10. Okay, so you argue that buyable skills should be left out because it "saves" people money and such.. Now I argue why you only want those certain skills left in? It saves people time and in the end saves money since the time they used can be used for moneymaking. Say you save around 10 hours on a skill. Making 500k an hour, that's gained 5 million for that person. When before they wouldn't have got that. EDIT: Although that 10 hours is off..I can't be bothered doing the math again..I might be able to find it somewhere. EDIT2: Nope, it's lost, I recall that if you trained for only the time you hit the lowest modifier, you saved around 4-5 hours.
  11. Explain? Seeing as how everyone has an equal shot at the double exp during this period of time, the competitiion is not unfairly distributed. Anyone who has a 99 and a rank in it can continue training it on double exp day to stay the same distance ahead of the people underneath them as they were before the double exp weekend, or simply get a one up and train another skill for double exp. Other than it being hard to buy materials off the GE, there is no downside to this. People who dislike the idea are simply very self-minded. So far I've seen "Well I won't be able to afford or buy anything off the GE!" and "I don't want to be stressed about having to collect materials so I can train the skill of choice on the double exp weekend!" Tough. If you want the exp in that skill of choice, you'll find a way to train it on the weekend, otherwise you train something else. What "stresses" you out (something that is not mandatory but you seem to think it is) will help out many other people in the process. There's no need to be greedy. And this is someone talking who has many, many 99s. I don't care if it "devalues" my 99s. Why should I have reason to be so bitter and unfriendly towards an idea that makes unbearable grinding just a little more bearable? You should be bitter and unfriendly because it makes the 99s you got without it easier, at least, that's how I interpret what those who complain about it means. I don't see why all those with many 99s should actually care about the exp weekends or not. I've got 8 99s, 1 of which was due to help on the previous exp weekend. Of course, that means I've done Attack, Fishing, HP, Strength, Defence, Woodcutting and Slayer with an exp weekend. Am I resentful to those who go a boost in those skills because of the exp weekend? No. I got them because I enjoyed it. I didn't do those skills for "prestige" or anything, I just like having a goal in the game, gives me something to aim for. Would I have liked a boost whilst training those skills? Yes, I would have, just because it makes it slightly faster (though what, it would have saved me 1 or 2 days? And that's like pissing in the ocean for the 5 months it took me for Slayer) Like Outsanity, I believe that it just makes grinding a little more bearable. Sure, in the case of Summoning, it supposedly "saved" a lot of time gathering charms, but you were training other skills during that, so what difference does it make? You'll just use a different method to train those skills if needed. In the end, it doesn't devalue the skills I have obtained. Has chinning (I've not used this method) devalued my 97 (Aiming for 99) Range? No, it has not. It still has the same personal value to me, which is all that matters in the end. To those of you complaining it devalues 99s you already have (several 99s preferred) can you honestly say that 99s mean as much to you now as when you got your first few? Sure, perhaps it does throw the G.E. out of balance for a few weeks, but you really can go collect resources yourself in time, usually, or you can suck it up and pay the extra to save time, which can then be used to make back some of what you "lost".
  12. Sonic, please look at the post before mine. Perhaps it'd help you see why I posted that.
  13. Naww flirting for me is, "ME WANTS TO TOUCH YOUR SPECIAL PLACE". I really hope you don't flirt with too many guys IRL. :uhh: Somehow, I think quite a few guys would like that. Would be pretty funny for someone (female) to say that to a random guy.
  14. indeed, but as i said, it would an extremely sick joke of nature if were the only advanced biological lifeforms. Yea I know. My mom says that somewhere in the Bible it says God only made Earth for humans. I can't find the verse, so shes probably making [cabbage] up like she usually does. And I know there probably is life out there, but you can't say there are aliens. If you're looking at it from an atheistic stand point, theres actually more proof for God than aliens. IMO. All that verse says is that this planet was created for us. It doesn't say he didn't create other planets for other lifeforms. Neither does it say it does, but you can't say which is correct without seeing other lifeforms, or asking God.
  15. So you read the Sun or the Daily mail right? They're pretty legit. I do hope you are not being serious.
  16. What do you F2P players pay? Nothing. I mean..It's not like you just got A WHOLE NEW SKILL or something..
  17. Or..Y'know..They list the quest as required. Kind of common sense to know that the quest requirements are also required.
  18. People who expect me to have X item and let them borrow it for nothing.
  19. Another interesting fact about BSS is that it has no penalty to Range or Magic attack. And at 4.6M it is definitely more affordable.
  20. Qeltar, was that a one-time occurrence? I've noticed a difference using a Primal Axe, over any of the Smuggler ones. I normally get about 6-8 Gravecreeper branches with the Primal, against around 4 max with any of the Smuggler ones.
  21. It'd be more for the train. I tried booking a train somewhere once (Looked in December, was going away in Feburary), It was around £110 at the student rate. Accomodation costs..Well..Depending on the area of London and the place, that'd set you back a fair bit. Since they say central, I can assume it'd be pretty pricey. Am I the only one who thinks it's pretty stupid of them to say "Please note that alcohol will be available at this event, for which proof of age will be required. Because of this, the event will only be suitable for our adult fans." I don't see why having alcohol there only makes it suitable for adult fans. Perhaps they should just say "We're putting an age limit for player safety, those under this age must have a parent/guardian/someone over 18 present." Personally, I won't be attending, not my sort of thing really (Well, I guess it's because it's RuneScape) and I've got a plan for the week before that. Plus it doesn't seem as fun as some other things.
  22. Kiriyama


    Tell us the dreams and instructions Wongtong. Today, I had half a day of college, afternoon tutor went home. A mate and I shouted stuff whilst another mate was on the phone to a girl (He was shouting "He loves you." and I was shouting "BUNNY!")
  23. Procrastinators of the world unite! ..Tomorrow. (Someone had to)
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