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  1. Lol I said Edgeville cause Evil Dave lives there(I did shadow of the storm and evil dave subquest yesterday) I doubt that counts but he's awesome
  2. no it's not useless it is used in a quest i forget wich one but pm me in game later if u want to argue edit: my vote goes to burnt fresh mokfish u can't trade it or do anything with it now that is useless hmm is it Rum Deal?
  3. =D I love charcoal, you use it with pestle and mortar and the result is used in the digsite quest explosive compound of which I have like 30 cause it's cool watching me getting hit a 64 when i drop it lol
  4. Ok, here's my thoughts, the absolute most useless item would meet these requirements: 1. cant be used with something else or alone(can't be eaten) 2. can't be worn(falls under requirement #1) 3. not used in any quest, achievement diary, or minigame at all 4. does not give exp in any way 5. (debatable) is not obtained by doing anything that gives exp or accomplishes anything so basically you have to find all items that fall under all these requirements, and if you like, reduce the list to things not found on ground(I still vote for tiles lol) and/or sort by monetary value(or remove anything that isn't worth 0gp wherever you sell it) and there you go. I say tiles :D
  5. Personally I think doing things with people slows me down, so I usually say no to pretty much anything my real-life friends ask, but the person that introduced me to rs and still plays is zitor3, and we PM each other every time we're both on =D EDIT: Oh he helped me with Monkey Madness, that was fun.
  6. I recently did Tree Gnome Village, I was impressed how you're in the battle the whole time and it feels somewhat real... I liked the black knight's fortress or whatever it was called... I haven't done many quests(all the f2p, but I became a member in March this year) so yeah... I kinda think Jagex should do a new f2p quest, if you were stuck as an f2p for years it would get boring
  7. meh, I'll try to be there, but I'll be driving home from a vacation that day
  8. at every general store(lol maybe not every, I dunno) there's usually 5 newcomer maps, wouldn't this be a good idea?
  9. I support, I like it lots yeah a couple of times it has happened where someone is spamming so I go to report them but not sure what to click, of course I should click abusive language but I usually consider macroing
  10. =[) this is the board for me I was an still am a fan of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book series(and movie and radio and tv and...) by Douglas Adams, and the day I got my account I was at my friends house and he made me get an account, and I had recently bought a towel and was wearing it everywhere, cause in the book the Hitchhiker's greatest tool is his towel lol... so we tried towelman after many other things and I believe it was taken(what the heck lol) so I had to add numbers and I put in another HHGTTG reference, you guessed it, the answer to the unknown ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, 42 :D a couple times people have been like "where's my towel?" and I just say "lol" and go about my business and last thing I want to say is an interesting thing I've noticed in Runescape, at 42 crafting you can make a Fishbowl, and both the number and the item are references to Hitchhikers guide(read the 4th book, so long and thanks)
  11. I used tinypic, I hope that doesn't mess anything up and yeah I don't really go on the tip.it forums except sometimes to check the prices, but I use the calculators and quest guides and all that so yeah, you can choose whether or not to put me in edit: wearing all purple canifis robes, purple fremmenik cloak, holy symbol and blessed sickle I was thinking of getting out my glassblower and taking a pic of that but you said no emotes, I was also casting bloom but decided against that too
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