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  1. It's funny how almost everyone from RSC has the same recovery date. I remember making pures in late 2003 or early 2004 and they have a 2/28/02 recovery question date.
  2. It sounds like you had a migrane, I used to get them a lot last year but I haven't had one in 6 months.
  3. I'm F2P, so whenever I want to power mine I'll go to rimmington for iron ore and run to the rimmington general store to sell the iron and run back to my spot in usually 10 seconds.
  4. Please don't say a scum like Durail321 is a legend.. -.- He'll be remembered more than you, me or person Z will ever be. But he's not worthy of being considered a "legend". All he ever did was find a glitch, I'd consider sixfeetunder a legend before considering durial to be one.
  5. I remember two years ago these forums had a sticked thread about everything from 2001/2002 in the general section, it had lots of pictures and quotes from earlier news.
  6. 1K - No idea. 100K - If I remember right, I fished lobbies and sold the certs 1k each. 1M - Mining coal and iron ore, smithing them into bars and selling the steel bar certs 2-3k each I think.
  7. I was 12 when I seriously started playing and now I'm 16. I quit a few weeks ago because the community, customer support and updates are horrible now.
  8. hurl

    Plane Trip

    After 1999 I hadn't been on a plane flight out of fear of terrorists or plane crashes. I had to go on an 8 hour plane flight to london in 2004 but it was probably one of the best things that could of happened to me at the time because I got over my fear of flying.
  9. Rs2 beta came out like a month after the phat dupes. :S
  10. I don't really consider any of my 99 stats an achievement anymore. I only consider 99 ranged an achievement because I actually spent four months at wildy fire giants just to get it, but if I had pced for it then I don't think I would still consider it an achievement.
  11. I missed the first sycth drop because I was out all day and night during Halloween 2003. On the sycth re-drop I saw three sycthes in the members section of the dwarven mines but I couldn't reach them, so I went to the bank with telegrabs and came back only to find them gone. I had no luck finding any sycthes during the re-drop afterwards.
  12. In the order of which I got them: 99 Cooking 99 Ranged 99 Fletching 99 HP 99 Attack 99 Defence I'd list them in order of XP but I can't remember which ones have higher XP than the others. :P
  13. Before RS2 Beta Jagex decided not to release bank to bank trading but instead let us note our items.
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