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MDK's RuneScape Survival Guide

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This is my survival guide for how to protect your account from scams, hacks, and any other bad things.




Section 1 - Scamming




Scamming - The act of persuading another individual to your side to achieve a goal




Scamming is the biggest loss of money and runescape, and many many new scams appear everyday. Although I cannot mention all of them, I'll get as many as possible.






RS3 Beta - This is fake. If you ever hear someone talk about it, or get an email about it, ignore it. Remember, Jagex will never E-Mail you since THEY DON'T KNOW IT.




Glitch - This scam is when people say there is a glitch in which you can say, double any amount of money you want by standing somehwere and dropping your money. First things first, do not, under any circumstances drop your money in an area with other players unless you are doing a drop party. This is just a foolish way to lose money. Secondly, there are few RS glitches. Do not listen to anyone saying otherwise. The glitches that are in RS at the moment are small ones, that will not allow you to gain anything from them.




Make You A Mod - This is a scam that's becoming more popular. Admitably, and shamefully, I admit I can be taken responsble for this comming about. I made it sometime in 2000. The scam is sending an email or using an account and convincing you to give the scammer your password, name, account name, and security questions. Basically, just don't give out your password or security questions EVER.




Trade Scam - This has been removed, but people still fall for it. People will offer you say rune and then replace it with addy. It is possible that they may say "sorry, I clicked the wrong button" or something and convince you to accept. If that exclamation mark comes up, decline immediatley no matter what and report them.




BF/GF Scam - I can't believe this ever became a scam, but oh well. So, the scam as many know is to become someone's GF/BF and then ask for stuff. I oppose the RS dating thing i nthe first place, but do not give stuff to them, no matter what it is if you cannot replace it easily.




[i will add more scams as time goes on]




Basically follow the below rules:


-Never give out your password


-Never reply to an Email


-Automatically decline a trade if they change it without telling you beforehand


-Always report if you suspect a scam


-Ignore people saying you can become a mod by giving them info


-There are no glitches, don't let someone make you think different










Section 2 - Hacking




Hacking - The act of forceably editing coding in order to gain a goal




Hacking accounts through the RS servers is impossible, so do not believe someone when they say they were hacked. Hackings are most often confused with scams, and therefore people result to saying it was a hack not thinking they are to blame. Basically, there are very few ways to actually "hack" someone's RS account.




KeyLogger - The keylogger is the only true form of "hacking" although it has a flaw. The keylogger needs to be downloaded in order for it to take effect and for them to gain access to your account, and therefore this can also fall into the category of "scams". The best way to avoid keyloggers is having up-to-date security software and a firewall. Also never download attachments from an email from a person you don't know, and never download from them if they say its the beta or anything. The main thing is that if an email involves RS, close it, and trash it. If you trsut the person, the firs tthing to look out for is the file type. [Caution: Executable File] means "executable" or a program file. This is a keylogger format, so if you see this, don't download it. There are a bunch of different file formats though, so look over the below list, and if it's not one of them, delete it.


















[i'll add other valid formats soon]




Basically follow the below rules:


-Don't download a file from someone you don't know


-Don't open RS related email unless it's from a friend


-Check the file formats








Follow this guide and you won't ever get hacked. Hope you enjoyed reading and heed my warninings.




[This will be updated with more info as I gather more info]

"Stupid is smart you dumb n00b." - noob in lumbridge

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Follow this guide and you won't ever get hacked. Hope you enjoyed reading and heed my warninings




if you live alone this quote is true..but if you live in a family with computer-illiterate siblings/parents.. they wont know the difference between a virus and a videogame/random software.




most trade scams are obsolete...




nevertheless, a good guide


[software Engineer] -

[Ability Bar Suggestion] - [Gaming Enthusiast]

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OK guide for the starter, but its really all common sense...


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Pretty basic info but nonetheless it can help some people. Also you have two section ones.



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Jagex do know your email address. You give it to them when you sign up? [Or maybe when trying to recover an account].

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this one happened to me: Some weird person pm's you and offer you a great deal(like whip for 500k) You say awsome, 1 mill profit. You show him the money and he says walk into wild you are still in save zone. He trades you then in the trade screen runs into the wild and you follow him because you are still trading him. His friend kills you and get's what your money


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