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  1. me and my girlfriend took exactly the same opinion to this. so she came over today and i got a massage. damn
  2. i was bluetoothing my friend a song, so we both had our phones out.. my teacher seen me and shouted "alan, give me that". my friend then put his own phone in his pocket... the teacher seen this and said "alan i know you just gave it to daniel, give it to me!" but he was only putting his own phone in his pocket, i walked up to the front with my own phone and she said "thats not the one i seen" so i had to hand in daniels phone.. lost a good pal that day! this boy on the bus was being cheeky, when we got off at school i pushed him against the bus and he had a worried look on his face like i was gonna hurt him, i turn round, bloody headmaster there couldn't believe it
  3. [hide=][/hide] rock climbing in gairloch. [huge pic]
  4. hello again everyone. :thumbup: and yeah, all that is why i quit rs.
  5. 0/10 Wonder what mines gonna be like.. Its been a while tif :P and i'm not back for long. Damn abelmisi lol
  6. Em. When I went mental.. Not that long ago.. "Ban me".. etc :anxious: You made me post! That'll be ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã5 please
  7. ............................................... All you need to do is copy and paste the one above and add one. Not really gonna be tough. :|
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