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First skilling pet \o/



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It would be kinda cool if, instead of just getting that pet right away, you unlocked one time-use blueprints for making it at invention workbench, then you just have to bring light orb, copper wire, small stuff like that that's easy to get, and actually make your pet.

I mean guess people might say that's unfair since every other skill just gets their pet right away for free, but those crafting mats would be really easy to get (wouldn't take more than a few minutes) and it would add a little bit of flavor to it. :P

(Though another option would be, go to invention place, let the player pick up stuff from the spare parts bucket like we did during the tutorial, and build it from that. Even quicker, everyone has access to it, and adds the same flavor.)

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we didn't even get to invent the skillcape :(


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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