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91 RC and Double Nats rate


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well with me(lvl 65 using first 3 pouches and familiar) i can use 1700 ess an hour going at almost full speed(34 runs an hour if you want to calculate it for higher lvls)


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You can do at least 2800 essence per hour using a graahk, using all pouches. Up to 3k per hour is possible.




2800 essence at 160ea is 448k.


30 super energies at 1.1k each is 33k.


1,2 graahks per hour is about 15k.


8 dueling rings per hour is about 8k.


That adds up to 504k.


5600 nature runes at 270ea is 1512k. 1512-504 is 1008k.




Using a graahk at level 91 or higher will get you about 1m per hour, more if you craft faster.

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