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Graphics card problem?

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My graphics card is an Intel 910 with 128MB, double the minimum requirement. I have 504MB of RAM and an Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz processor, also double the minimum specs. However, once the loading bar gets to the 3D library when trying to play runescape HD, it stops loading. I:


- Updated Java.


- Updated my chipset's (graphics card's) drives from the Intel website as suggested in Jagex's FAQ.


- Restarted my computer, shouldn't be necessary but I usually do it after updating anything.


- Double checked I had the requirements


Still no good. There are alot of people posting about this problem on the RSOF's tech support forum, but I decided to post here because my thread would probably just get "lost in the flood" and there wasn't much point since no one had any answers yet. And it seemed most of the postees wouldn't be able to tell a computer from a toaster oven.... So I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows what I could do.


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its just lagg cuz everyones loading the new update but once u get in the game its still laggy

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Moved to appropriate forum. ;)




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Have you tried updating DirectX/OpenGL?



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Even if you had 256mb memory on your card that wouldn't mean that you can play it easily. The memory is only one video card's parameter out of many and it is, to be honest, one of the least important.




Chances are that it's not supporting openGL. Make sure you have latest drivers installed.

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