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I want to get a 99 skill, but do not know whic one I should get first. I have worked out what I would do if I wanted to get fletching, and it would cost me around 11 mil, but I would aprecciate some suggestions as to what I should get. Please note that I am on a fairly low budget, not having the capacity to get 70 mil. My highest levels are in my sig, but my other ones are:




magic 48


herblore 29


crafting 47


fletching 41


mining 56


smithing 47


fishing 55


cooking 58


firemaking 40


woodcutting 57


farming 20


summoning 18

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maybe train att def or str while you do slayer so you get a variety of creatures to lvl off of if you aim for a 99 in a combat stat

1100 total achieved 03/02/09 880thousandth to reach it :P

1200 total achieved 29/09/11 1.23millionth to reach it :P


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I think the skill you are looking for is Firemaking, pretty cheap to 99. Only arround 2.5m with willows(i think).




Fming willows is a waste of time. Maples are more cost efficient.






I don't recommend to get a 99. Your total exp is a little bit more than 5 mil. You need more than 13 mil for a 99! Thats a big difference. You should keep training a few skills and get a few mil gp. Find the skill you most enjoy and keep leveling it. Don't set such high goals as 99. Start with 80 and if you reached it continue with 85 and so on. And don't keep doing the same thing over and over. Do other skills so you don't lose interest in playing or get bored.

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It really depends...




Would u like a 99 that u r willing to spend time into and be proud when achieving it or would u just get an "easier" buyable one.




If buyable consider cooking as this is helpful when u dont burn things and then firemaking which is pretty useless but u do get a kool cape. another is fletching. these may be easy, but u will need money to make these easy. if u r willing to spend money these r wat to get. Another 99 is a combat one or a skill u like.




without buyable and "easier" ones to achieve get one on a skill u enjoy doing. it will be faster.

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Yeah I'd say you're too far away in most skills to be thinking of a 99 just yet, although your combat skills are pretty nicely rounded.




Slayer is my favourite skill to recommend for people like you, because it's such a broad skill once you get into it. Essentially, it :




~Raises combat skills


~Earns money


~Gets charms for summoning


~Gets herbs for herblore


~Gets seeds for farming


~Is more fun + varied than power training


~Gets you clue scrolls


~Lets you use a black mask ;)




Don't just buy an easy skill. I've tried that and halfway through the attempts I realised I would get no satisfaction out of mindlessly grinding away on one skill.

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