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New RuneScape Sig - GIMP


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Looks alright, though it seems a but monotone




How to stop this?


Experiment with colours and seee what results you get.




Good work on the background, but it seems a bit bright




How to stop this?


Create a new layer above the background layer, and with soft brush, (colour black) brush over the background layer. After this, change your opacity on that layer to around 10-20%




Around the rune stones




What can I do?


When you are placing the logo, don't do to many effects on it as sometimes this is what makes that sort of a thin line like yours has.






Sorry if itsounds like I'm flaming, I'm just picking up on the weaker points ;)




I like the border though. I like how it juest fades into the sig.






Good Luck


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Not a big fan of it. The strange line around the logo is distracting and just doesn't look right. Like littleboy said, it is slightly too monotone, and personally I'm not a big fan of the background effect either. It's pretty bright and those white scratch-ish brushes (?) get boring after a while.


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Google translates pages,by the way.


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The sig is okay... the borders around the logo are a bit shaky. Clear that up with smudge tool? The sword, too, is too blended in to the background. The color is nice, but as Littleboy and Jopie said, monotone is uncool.

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That's pretty terrible looking. The colour is bad, the background just looks a mess, as does whatever you've done to the Runescape logo. I would start over, and don't add text if you can't even make it out (the writing in the bottom left)


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