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LoonOfDoom, you have my support... I've had to deal with this issue for 84 (as of this posting) combat levels... I'm sick of it, and am ready to demand a bank (if not also a range) in the F2P Karamja/Crandor area... :ugeek:




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As unlikely as this is to happen because it's part of jagex's " plan " to make you become a member, you have my support ::'




I could have made thousands if there was a bank on karamja to store lobbies, or to store the items i got from lesser demons, because i might have been bothered to return to them if i didnt have to trek all the way back to draynor -.- lol

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No need for a range when it's perfectly possible to bring a hatchet/logs and a tinderbox. In my opinion there are too many ranges in the game as it is. But, a bank would be appreciated.

~ W ~



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I have always wondered why there is no bank on Karajma...(except Brimhaven which is members)




There exists no bank at Brimhaven. In fact the entire Karamja has no bank except Shilo, if that puts it into perspective.

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