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Is that a fact? No.


In your opinion Vista is better than XP, in others' opinion XP is better than Vista.




Personal preference. They don't ask you to understand it or even consider it.

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I love the xp virtual thing.....




Because they're more comfortable with it? Not to be rude, but what's not to get?




I can certainly agree about being comfortable with, and liking XP. dsavi is one of the people who tried to convince me Vista is a wonderful operating system, and that my PC wasn't powerful enough to run it. :lol:




I think there's a certain ignorance around what people want from an OS, and what is really important. :|




XP and even Vista can be installed with really slow computers, believe it or not! :P So I'm pretty sure your computer would run Vista :)




Here's some screenies:




[hide=Slow Windows computers]XP running on a really underclocked Pentium 1, not mine: (note: it's actually 8 MHz, XP lies a bit)


http://www.winhistory.de/more/386/Screenshot8mhz_system.gif' alt='Screenshot8mhz_system.gif'>


Boot time is 30 mins and the CPU usage is 100% with no apps open, now that's slow! This is the slowest Windows computer in the world as far as I know.




And here's a slow Vista, again, not mine:




The processor is actually 90 MHz, Vista has some problems with it... Desktop uses 100% of resources here too. Crazy RAM usage compared to XP.




And here's my experiment with a unofficial, "lite" version of Windows XP:




Now this version of Windows XP is so little that it boots in about 2-3 mins even with just 6 MHz of processing power (the average for MS-DOS, BTW :P)! But it has no wallpaper, no themes except Windows Classic, only a few Windows apps (Notepad, Paint, Calculator etc.), no support for multiple accounts, no IE, Outlook Express or Windows Media Player (I don't care about them anyway). CPU usage without programs: 42%! (Nice number, isn't it?) It can actually run some very small games, however Notepad lags. Great version of Windows XP :D[/hide]




I wonder what's the absolute minimum power for Windows 7?




BTW, XP is the best Windows so far I think ;)

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