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1st trip to wraith see what i got

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went to the wraith with warriormonk and rip 2 shields cs. then i had to go and i continued into when i woke up




3 kills in and i found this lying on top of a green charm!!![hide=elixer]so6efo.png[/hide]





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The title "elixer" on the hidden picture kind of spoiled the whole thing. :roll:




the whole trip to wraith thing in the title didnt insist that?




That is a fail crop btw...




Nice drop though.


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They were close to impossible to sell when they were in the 7-8m range.




(I got an elixir at 8m ge, took 3 weeks to sell, got another at 4m ge, took 4 days)




They'll probably stabilize and be sellable at 500k-1.5m.

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They alch for 450k too apparently :P




they do


if mine doesnt sell within a week im alching it


Make a bss instead of alching it, then sell lowest on G.E.


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Very nice 7/10 doesn't beat my 2 in 1 trip ftw? lol well anyways gl

[hide=my 99s]63,402 to 99 attack June 20th, 2009

9,065 to 99 prayer may 7, 2009

27,060 to 99 magic march 27, 2009

63,527 to 99 str Jan 02, 2009

39,326 to 99 hp

22,557 to 99 def June 6, 2008

1221 to 88 summoning July 6, 2008

52,735 to cooking November 6, 2008[/hide]


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