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Abby demon head


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Well I just got 85 slayer, so I decided to camp the demons for one whip, just so I can say I got a whip off a demon. Now about 500 demons later, I got a head from one of the demons. So I am wondering what should I do with it? Should I stuff it and put it in my house?(I have enough funds for the construction level.) Or should I do soul wars and try to get the familiar? Thanks for the advice guys.




PS:I am going to sleep now, so I won't respond until tomorrow. :(


PPS: If anybody makes a joke about the head, I will stab them over the internet. -.-


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The pet is nice to have, also having the head in your POH is also nice. I would play SW and get the points and have the pet.




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I think that depends on how often you actually USE pets. How often are you not goal-oriented and on a task that requires a familiar? If it's not a lot, then it's not worth it.




That's just my opinion anyway. I almost always have a familiar summoned, so pets are useless to me. (Which is why I stuffed my crawling hand drop ^^).






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Grats, a head in 500 kills is quite lucky :thumbup: Mine took over 5k kills.




Anyway, I think it'd be better to hang it in your house. Pets are nice but they stop you from using your summons and can be alot of hassle for a bit of decoration. If you want a pet cats are the best - you get some money on the side at least.


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