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Heil comrades,




With this date I'll proudly announce you that I'm done with herblaw and construction. I felt like spending some money and here are the levels.












This, however required some quite serious nolifing. I did not only collect ~1700 stealing creation points to get the hammers, I also decided to do some serious nolifing on construction and dedicated one day and one wrist for this skill. Hope I will never need to train it again, it wasn't THAT fun.








And yea, I promised you a vid. The quality isn't the best and there's some non 99 related stuff too, but who cares. At least there's no goats.







Rate, hate, do something or a sing a song.



I'd rather die for what I believe in than live for anything else.

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Very nicely done! My two favourite 99's right here :P One day on construction must have been brutal :P





Posted Image


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