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JMod's iCoulds (New Vids from Jagex)


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Jagex released some more vids on their youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thejagexchannel




Mod Olifiers:


[hide=][yt]8gxHMBy3XfU [/yt][/hide]




Mod Dean's






Mod Laura W's






Mod Knox's






Mod Brass's






Mod Captain's








Some rather nice facts about Jagex hidden in there...

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Mod knox just looks like a passive person. Won't look at the damn camera ever. And seems to have trouble explaining what he does for a living.




Hmmm...could explain the awful updates we're getting.








(I'm only joking....sort of)



|2,300+ Total|138 Combat|12 Lvl 99 Skills|99 Slayer|blogbutton.png

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This has been posted twice before. Once by me about 2 months ago, and one by someone else a couple of days ago when they got released on the Jagex channel.

"There are only two strategies in war. Move forward or change. The victor is the first to realise that when he cannot move forward he must change."


~ Mod Mark H ~



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