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Bloodshed's Third Birthday!


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Not exactly sure where this should go, but here it is.


This is just to invite all of the ex-bloodsheder's/people associated w/ BSE/BSK to our 3rd birthday.




Friday 3rd July




Event: Parade followed by a Firefest and then a House party


Time: 5PM EST ; 10PM GMT ; 4PM CST ; 2PM PST


Massing Spot: Lumbridge Church


World: 10


Equipment: Full Bronze Armour, Hatchet and Tinderbox




Description: We will start off in Lumbridge and parade around the world, having a bit of fun along the way and hopefully finishing off in Varrock, where we will proceed to burn the town down in a huge firefest. It is only fitting that we do this as it was the first event Bloodshed ever had when it first opened! Hopefully this will become the biggest firefest seen in the history of Runescape. Members will then proceed to a house party, the house in question will be announced on the day of the event.






Saturday 4th July




Event: Treasure Trail Event


Time: 4PM EST ; 9PM GMT ; 3PM CST ; 1PM PST


Massing Spot: Edgeville


World: 33






Description: Details will be added shortly, either Stratos101 or Deathhead154 will lead this event!




Rite this event will be quite simple but should prove to be quite entertaining, I have hosted this event in many of my past clans and found that even the sceptical people come around to enjoy it. So please come and show a little support to BSE and I shall ensure you have a good time.




Onto the events description, this event will be like any other treasure trail I shall post a document giving riddles, clues & a list of things for you to collect you will then have to shoot off and get everyone of these items by following the clues set out for you. Of course this event comes down to our faith that you shall not cheat and visit banks or use google to solve riddles, this does not mean you cant ask myself for a extra hint if you get very stuck with one.


There will be a prize for the winner of the event supplies by myself so I hope for a good turn out






Sunday 5th July



Event: Fight Pits


Time: 4PM EST ; 9PM GMT ; 3PM CST ; 1PM PST


Massing Spot: Tzhaar Bank


World: 114


Equipment: P2P Combat Armour




Description: This is a traditional Fight Pits event, it will be every man for themselves. This has been one of Bloodshed's most popular events over the last three years.






Thank you in advance to anyone who attends, we look forward to seeing you!






-Proud Bloodshed Senator

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