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'Sailing' Concept.


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Yes I know it probably will not happen but I thought of an idea for a concept of sailing.




Imagine the whole of gielinor was 1000 miles wide, I think depending on your level you use sailing to travel from one coastline to another. 1 level = 10 miles. Also there would be different classes of boats you could make with different crafting, woodcutting and construction skills which would speed up the process of sailing. IE The beginning level 1 - 4 boat would be 1 min for 10 miles ( a rowing boat). Sailing would also let you access new areas and islands. From time to time you might meet a pirate ship (which you could climb on board, kill the pirates and plunder) or another 'random'.




This is just a small idea I had. Feedback please :)

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It is a good idea, but perhaps you could elaborate more on boat building and mechanics of the sailing (What would happen if you hit an iceberg or something [/Titanic Refence] or what kind of weather related issues would you run into.)




I feel if you do osme more research on real life sailing, you could produce a good idea! Keep up the good work. ;)


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People are already familier with the lay out of runescape so why make it bigger to introduce a skill that only seems to make travling longer? I can get from lumby to ardougnue in 5 seconds but you want to make it last over 10 mins?



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Though I don't like the idea of sailing, I'd love it if the whole world was bigger. More room to explore, more of an adventuring feel. IMO, RuneScape incredibly small.

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Honestly, I can't see it been a skill either. How many boats would you need? The oceans would probably have to be separate from the rest of the game. And training the skill sounds like a waste of time. I can see why Mod MMG just :lol: at this idea...


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To melindara, my best advice would be to relax. If you're with friends, you've got nothing to worry about.




Also, for a sailing skill to work, we need to know how to train it, what kind of rewards there are, and how it would help you in other skills, because otherwise, it'd just be training sailing to train sailing.

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Some ideas I'm throwing in:




Rather, different boats have different ranges:


Rafts might be cheaper to make, but be restricted to, say, 20 "squares" (You know what I mean) from the shore, and 10 min on the boat, whereas a sailboat is much more expensive, but it has a range of, say, 100-200 squares.






Advantages would include:




Fishing: Sharks, Tuna, and Swordfish could be caught faster from a boat, and perhaps mantas and turtles might be catchable.


Construction: A way to train it (building boats) that doesn't require overpriced housing.


Exploring: New islands


Combat: New monsters (on aforementioned islands), fighting pirates...

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