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What program?!


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I need some honest advice here because I'm going through a bit of a crisis :?




I've been using Paint Shop Pro 9 for my graphics for many... many years now and I like to think I know it very well. I'm happy with all the functionality it has - it does what I need it to do - but I'm wondering if I should buy Photoshop.




I'm not concerned about the cost of buying PS but I don't know if I want to make the leap to it. If I were just going to make my own graphics for myself for the rest of my life I'd be happy with PSP but if I ever want to go into proper web design or work in that sort of area, will I need to know Photoshop?




It's a big leap really in my eyes since the programs are different, will it be worth it really? =/ I'm unsure. I know most of you use PS but I got the trial ages ago and just found it a bit awkward to use. I just need your opinions on if it's worth getting it?


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You got the trial for the new photoshop too? Else just try to download it (Im not saying illegal but that would be an idea)



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I've not tried the new PS but I'll probably do that first if I decide to buy it. I'm just worried that I'll be learning a whole new program =/




A bit of it is the same. However, you'll benefit from switching to Photoshop, if you intend to be a professional artist/graphic designer/etc, since Photoshop is the industry standard, and I'm betting that a lot of businesses in the Art and Graphics sections will use it regularly.




Even for personal use, the flexibility of Photoshop makes it very good to use, and the learning curve isn't too bad.

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It is definitely worth getting and learning Photoshop, and many of the other Adobe applications because employers will expect you to have extensive knowledge of the applications, if you do plan on pursuing a creative career; Though, it's still good to know how to use any creative program, as you never know when a task will arise that requires you to use a particular application.


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Photoshop isn't hard to learn at all. It took me a couple of days when I was fourteen to get used to (with the help of the intertubes). Don't miss out on such a powerful program just because it seems like a big leap from Paint Shop... anyone with basic computer knowledge can breeze through it. A tip: the pen tool is the most difficult but most rewarding tool to master. Get used to that and you'll be pro in no-time :D

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I used Jasc paintshop pro 9 for years too! A friend of my sisters had the disk and she lent it to my sister, so I downloaded it, and tought myself how to use it. Eventually I upgraded computers the friend's disk wasn't good anymore and I couldn't find a [safe] torrent so I had to download a newer version, "Corel Paint shop pro photo X2" which is almost the same. The rights to the program were bought by Corel, honestly version 9 was better. It fits my needs so it's just what I use, although I'll probably download photoshop eventually.


For those curious paintshop is a watered down version of photoshop with less of everything.


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lol shouldn't this be in the questions sticky?




Anyway, normally I would suggest GIMP because of being open source, free, and awesome, but I guess If you not planning on doing much with it it wouldn't be worth its learning curve, nor would photoshop and its price.

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