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Servers have feelings too


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I believe that names like "World 2" and "World 4" are kind of bland. I am suggesting that servers get a unique name.


This unique name can be based on location in the world, activities, or whatever.


So here is my ideas for a couple worlds.


World 2 > Members' Mercantile


World 18 > Battlegrounds



Those are just a couple of examples. I would like to see custom names that are just for fun too.


For example, a conversation using world numbers:

Me: Do you wish to pk on world 18 with me?

Friend: nah, I am trading on world 2.


Now, a conversation using custom names:

Me: Lets go pking on battlegrounds

Friend: Nah, I am trying to buy stuff on MM.


It may take some time getting used to, but I think it would be cool.


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[hide=A funny conversation]Me:Have u wondered how my brassard, which leaves my chest bare, give about the same def as ur pile of rocks?


Friend:Maybe you are just good at blocking with your shoulder?

Me:Ahahahahaha[/hide]Rare drops: 4 D legs, 1 D skirt

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This would be a good idea to implement imo.


And there always will be more pertinent issues But that shouldn't keep jagex from keeping a good stream of content and fixes from coming out.


Graphic updates are unneeded too...

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It's not really necessary IMO. I actually like the World 1, World 2, etc kind of names.


The names get confusing to most, and some might not even fit on the friends list.




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Yeah, I think I can live with numbers, themes and locations for now. Sure, they're far from memorable, but that's going to be true no matter how unusually you name them.


On the other hand, I'd like the ability to make custom themes, so I can assign things like 'Tip.It' and 'Fav Bounty Hunter' to the themes list, which might solve the problem as well as being a handy feature.

~ W ~



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Most people already know what world is which, and numbers are indeed much better

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It's great you know what you're talking about rustiod. Everything you've said is 100% accurate a true.


That being said...your a [bleep]ing [bleep] douchebag, and none of your advice will ever (or should ever) be taken seriously because of it.

disregard good advice because the giver is a douche



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I think that the main problem with this is that there are 171 worlds. Good luck coming up with 171 different, appropriate, and recognizable names that are short enough to go on the friends list.


Actually there are a few less than 171. It skips some worlds like 63, 101, and a few others. I remember in the old Runescape world choosing mechanism you could change your URL and go to worlds where almost no one was. They have since changed that.

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