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[TICT] The Rising versus Dutch Generation


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We set up our fight with DG with the following rules -


  • No corrupt
  • CWA middle bounds
  • No fog gear
  • Rings allowed
  • Melee/binds
  • 30 v 30
  • North spawn attacks
  • 4 sniper cap


The Rising starting - 30



Dutch Generation starting - 29



TR dropped from about 40 and DG dropped from 32. Unfortunately one of DG disconnected, so the fight started off as 30 v 29 in TR's favor. It was overall a clean fight with very few KOs and no rulebreakers (with the exception of a few who accidentally ran half a step out of bounds). DG killed their first pile before we did to pull themselves closer to us, but after that the fight seemed to go in TR's favor. Our lead grew to 25 - 20, then to 20 - 9, and then we stood victorious with 17 people (excluding Tejbir100, who failed to hit the "Run Replenish" button, and instead saw the words "Cabbage Teleport" and was so intrigued he had to click it).









Good fight :)


Monkeyfbi135 / Big Dumb Ape | Proud Leader of The Rising

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