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Australian Army







Full out PvP PKRI - Week preperation


All styles

GDZ [ ROCKS} - Spiders Boundries

2 hour cap

12:30pm NSW Mass - 3:00pm NSW Finish (Sunday) [ SAT for EST]

Rings and Corrupt on


AA Starting:[/b]



Exo ending:

120-30? (someone confirm)


AA ending:



Exodus ending:







Another bound Broken by EXO



And another.....



And another.....


Summary: It was such a messy fight, I personally think it was a tie but we had a bit more than EXO at the end. EXO think they won cuz they said we were regrouping at the end, well EXO how the hell can we take ending with 90 opts of dumb Notorious attacking AA lol? COmon EXO I know you guys understand. Notorious were crashing AA pretty much the whole fight but THANKS to EXO for helping us anti them. Sad how Notorious had to prep to crash AA LOL!!!!


SOmeone in EXO told me they had 153 opts ending and AA had 159. Close fight.


More pictures on the way.


Not gona lie I think EXO killed more than us as a whole tho we had a bit more the end. And I heard VR tried to Crash EXO tho because VR's TS got DDOSed I think that was a blessing for EXO. :rolleyes:


It was fun fight EXO, always good to have these kinda fight with ya. Tho some EXO needs to learn about bounds because it's Spiders to GDZ { RCOKS } not GDZ it self! But oh well.


It's cool story guys, read it, Love it.


Great fight EXO, Iam sure youall had fun and thanks againg for trying to clear Notorious.


Personal info, 3 deaths 3 kills. :thumbup:

Sigma NU

MOST Anticipated but still underrated

Silent Ember

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you all should stop crashing eachother and then complaining when the other does it back


But Echo, AA never Planed any kind of event or intention to CRash Notorious's fight lol. We never really wanted any kind of BS from them but they just LOVE being NO Honor . They had like a week prep to crash us. If you wana see proff I'll show it lol, and it's on RSC too.


But the funny thing is they fail everytime to crash lol. #-o

Sigma NU

MOST Anticipated but still underrated

Silent Ember

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