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The Blacknights vs Exodus


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I approached Exodus for a CWRI and a matched options fight today. Rules as follows..


Rules For CWRI]


-30 Minute Run In

-All Styles

-Turrets Arena

-Dungeoneering Allowed

-No Corrupt

-Attack On Sight

-No Sniping



[Rules For Matched]


-Matched Options

-Classic Arena

-Melee+Binds+Range Only! [No Blasting, No Weakens]

-Higher Pull Attacks

-No Dungeoneering

-No Corrupt

-2 Man Sniper Cap







Despite their numbers at the beginning, we knew Exodus would pick the numbers up very quickly and they did. Our performance wasn't our best, but due to our numbers and decent amount of styles. We were able to get a comfortable lead and carry it out for the entire fight. Exodus as expected fought hard and never gave up.







Which then lead us to the matched options round. We knew it would be harder and we accidently told people to go in and out to restore run a bit to late, lowering our pull by quite a bit, lol.



Starting: 24 Vs 24 ( I can't Find My Picture)


The fight started off with me picking a stupid pile, their lowest level, lol. He managed to tank around hard with a massive amount of splashes helping Exodus to get a good 2 man lead. Exodus sent some snipers and was able to extend their lead until the fight ended.


Ending: 18 Exodus, 0 Bk



Thanks a lot for the fight Exodus, we get to fight you guys often and you always give us a challenge. Sorry for the poor performance today, we will back bounce from it though


To Bk, we had a off day but don't sweat it. We haven't had a fight for a bit, this crap happens =P



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