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levine1996 maxing out 100% F2P

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Time to change up the original post...2012 goals are as follows:



By January 1st 2013:


81 ---> 99 FM......100% complete


85 ---> 90 Fishing......100% complete


66 ---> 75 RC......100% complete


68 ---> 75 Prayer......14% complete


92 ---> 96 Magic......23% complete


86 ---> 92 Dungeoneering......100% complete


99 ---> 99 Cooking, just so I can start with one goal ticked off already......100% complete


82 ---> 85 Attack......41% complete


82 ---> 85 Strength......47% complete


82 ---> 85 Defence......57% complete


81 ---> 85 Woodcutting......100% complete


78 ---> 85 Smithing......22% complete


78 ---> 85 Mining......15% complete


76 ---> 85 Crafting......37% complete


77 ---> 85 Ranged......5% complete





STATUS: Ahead of schedule





Change in levels from the start of the blog:


[spoiler=Level Changes:]


Attack: 77, now 84

Strength: 80, now 84

Defense: 80, now 84

Ranged: 71, now 78

Prayer: 62, now 70

Magic: 82, now 95

Runecrafting: 56, now 75

Dungeoneering: 75, now 92

Constitution: 80, now 86

Crafting: 61, now 80

Mining: 71, now 80

Smithing: 72, now 83

Fishing: 79, now 90

Cooking: 96, now 99

Firemaking: 73, now 99

Woodcutting: 72, now 85





Here is a list of the progress I have made since I started the log:


[spoiler=Progress With Dates:]


6/20/11---Level 63 Prayer reached.

6/22/11---Level 78 Attack reached.

6/22/11---Combat Level 99 reached.

6/22/11---Level 81 Constitution reached.

6/27/11---Level 79 Attack reached.

6/27/11---Total level 1200 reached.

6/28/11---Level 80 Attack reached.

6/28/11---Combat Level 100 reached.

6/30/11---Level 57 Runecrafting reached.

6/30/11---Level 58 Runecrafting reached.


7/01/11---Level 64 Prayer reached.

7/02/11---Level 59 Runecrafting reached.

7/02/11---Level 60 Runecrafting reached.

7/03/11---Level 73 Woodcutting reached.

7/03/11---Level 74 Firemaking reached.

7/03/11---Level 74 Woodcutting reached.

7/03/11---Level 75 Firemaking reached.

7/03/11---Level 75 Woodcutting reached.

7/04/11---Level 72 Mining reached.

7/04/11---Level 76 Woodcutting reached.

7/05/11---Level 80 Fishing reached.

7/07/11---Level 77 Woodcutting reached.

7/11/11---Level 78 Woodcutting reached.

7/12/11---Level 79 Woodcutting reached.

7/13/11---Level 80 Woodcutting reached.

7/14/11---Level 81 Fishing reached.

7/14/11---Level 97 Cooking reached.

7/15/11---Level 72 Ranged reached.

7/15/11---Level 62 Crafting reached.

7/16/11---Level 73 Ranged reached.

7/17/11---Level 76 Dungeoneering reached.

7/18/11---Level 82 Constitution reached.

7/19/11---Level 74 Ranged reached.

7/20/11---Level 81 Attack reached.

7/23/11---Level 73 Mining reached.

7/23/11---Level 83 Magic reached.

7/25/11---Level 82 Fishing reached.

7/25/11---Level 74 Mining reached.

7/25/11---Level 73 Smithing reached.

7/28/11---Level 75 Ranged reached.

7/31/11---Level 76 Ranged reached.


8/02/11---Level 63 Crafting reached.

8/02/11---Level 64 Crafting reached.

8/02/11---Level 65 Crafting reached.

8/03/11---Level 66 Crafting reached.

8/04/11---Level 67 Crafting reached.

8/05/11---Level 68 Crafting reached.

8/06/11---Level 69 Crafting reached.

8/06/11---Level 70 Crafting reached.

8/07/11---Level 71 Crafting reached.

8/08/11---Level 72 Crafting reached.

8/08/11---Level 65 Prayer reached.

8/08/11---Level 73 Crafting reached.

8/14/11---Level 81 Strength reached.

8/14/11---Combat Level 101 reached.

8/16/11---Level 84 Magic reached.

8/18/11---Level 75 Mining reached.

8/21/11---Level 77 Dungeoneering reached.

8/21/11---Total level 1250 reached.

8/21/11---Level 61 Runecrafting reached.

8/25/11---Level 98 Cooking reached.

8/27/11---Level 99 Cooking reached.

8/27/11---Level 76 Firemaking reached.

8/27/11---Level 83 Constitution reached.

8/27/11---Level 81 Defense reached.


9/01/11---Level 83 Fishing reached.

9/02/11---Level 66 Prayer reached.

9/02/11---Level 85 Magic reached.

9/03/11---Level 84 Fishing reached.

9/04/11---Level 86 Magic reached.

9/04/11---Level 78 Dungeoneering reached.

9/09/11---Level 74 Smithing reached.

9/10/11---Level 76 Mining reached.

9/10/11---Level 87 Magic reached.

9/17/11---Level 88 Magic reached.

9/23/11---Level 62 Runecrafting reached.

9/28/11---Level 89 Magic reached.


10/02/11---Level 90 Magic reached.

10/02/11---Level 63 Runecrafting reached.

10/04/11---Level 75 Smithing reached.

10/16/11---Level 91 Magic reached.

10/23/11---Level 85 Fishing reached.

10/23/11---Level 92 Fishing reached.


11/04/11---Level 77 Mining reached.

11/06/11---Level 77 Firemaking reached.

11/17/11---Level 78 Firemaking reached.

11/17/11---Level 79 Dungeoneering reached.

11/18/11---Level 74 Crafting reached.

11/18/11---Level 79 Firemaking reached.

11/20/11---Level 80 Firemaking reached.

11/27/11---Level 80 Dungeoneering reached.

11/27/11---Level 64 Runecrafting reached.


12/18/11---Level 77 Ranged reached.

12/18/11---Level 67 Prayer reached.

12/20/11---Level 65 Runecrafting reached.

12/21/11---Level 75 Crafting reached.

12/23/11---Level 81 Crafting reached.

12/24/11---Level 81 Dungeoneering reached.

12/25/11---Level 76 Smithing reached.

12/25/11---Level 81 Woodcutting reached.

12/27/11---Level 82 Defense reached.

12/27/11---Combat Level 102 reached.

12/27/11---Level 82 Strength reached.

12/28/11---Level 82 Dungeoneering reached.

12/29/11---Level 84 Constitution reached.

12/29/11---Level 66 Runecrafting reached.

12/29/11---Level 83 Dungeoneering reached.

12/29/11---Level 82 Attack reached.

12/29/11---Combat Level 103 reached.

12/31/11---Level 84 Dungeoneering reached.

12/31/11---Level 78 Mining reached.

12/31/11---Total Level 1300 reached.


1/5/12---Level 85 Dungeoneering reached.

1/8/12---Level 68 Prayer reached.

1/9/12---Level 67 Runecrafting reached.

1/10/12---Level 76 Crafting reached.

1/11/12---Level 77 Smithing reached.

1/12/12---Level 78 Smithing reached.

1/14/12---Level 86 Dungeoneering reached.

1/16/12---Level 87 Dungeoneering reached.

1/16/12---Level 77 Crafting reached.

1/16/12---Level 82 Firemaking.

1/21/12---Level 83 Defense reached.

1/21/12---Level 83 Strength reached.

1/21/12---Level 86 Fishing reached.


2/03/12---Level 88 Dungeoneering reached.

2/04/12---Level 83 Firemaking reached.

2/09/12---Level 78 Crafting reached.

2/10/12---Level 83 Attack reached.

2/10/12---Combat Level 104 reached

2/11/12---Level 68 Runecrafting reached.

2/11/12---Level 89 Dungeoneering reached.

2/11/12---Level 85 Constitution reached.

2/22/12---Level 93 Magic reached.

2/26/12---Level 79 Crafting reached.

2/28/12---Level 90 Dungeoneering reached


3/03/12---Level 69 Prayer reached.

3/07/12---Level 84 Firemaking reached.

3/09/12---Level 91 Dungeoneering reached.

3/10/12---Level 92 Dungeoneering reached.

3/11/12---Level 80 Crafting reached.

3/11/12---Level 78 Ranged reached.

3/18/12---Level 79 Mining reached.

3/18/12---Level 84 Defense reached.

3/23/12---Level 82 Woodcutting reached.

3/25/12---Level 85 Firemaking reached.

3/25/12---Level 79 Smithing reached.

3/25/12---Level 80 Smithing reached.

3/30/12---Level 83 Woodcutting reached.


4/05/12---Level 69 Runecrafting reached.

4/05/12---Level 87 Fishing reached.

4/08/12---Level 88 Fishing reached.


5/12/12---Level 70 Runecrafting reached.

5/12/12---Level 71 Runecrafting reached.

5/13/12---Level 72 Runecrafting reached.

5/13/12---Level 73 Runecrafting reached.

5/13/12---Level 74 Runecrafting reached.

5/13/12---Level 75 Runecrafting reached.

5/13/12---Level 86 Firemaking reached.

5/13/12---Level 87 Firemaking reached.

5/14/12---Level 88 Firemaking reached.

5/15/12---Level 89 Firemaking reached.

5/15/12---Level 90 Firemaking reached.

5/15/12---Total Level 1350 reached.

5/19/12---Level 91 Firemaking reached.

5/20/12---Level 92 Firemaking reached.

5/20/12---Level 93 Firemaking reached.

5/21/12---Level 94 Firemaking reached.

5/22/12---Level 95 Firemaking reached.

5/23/12---Level 96 Firemaking reached.

5/26/12---Level 97 Firemaking reached.

5/27/12---Level 98 Firemaking reached.

5/28/12---Level 99 Firemaking reached.

5/28/12---Level 70 Prayer reached.

5/29/12---Level 84 Woodcutting reached.

5/29/12---Level 84 Strength reached.

5/29/12---Combat Level 105 reached.

5/30/12---Level 84 Attack reached.


6/05/12---Level 80 Mining reached.

6/08/12---Level 86 Constitution reached.

6/13/12---Level 94 Magic reached.

6/14/12---Level 89 Fishing reached.

6/16/12---Level 81 Smithing reached.

6/18/12---Level 90 Fishing reached.

6/18/12---Level 85 Woodcutting reached.

6/21/12---Level 82 Smithing reached.

6/22/12---Level 95 Magic reached.

6/23/12---Level 83 Smithing reached.







Here goes nothing!!!

Follow my progress toward maxing in f2p here:



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Hello there, levine, and welcome to the forums. You have set yourself a very impressive goal. You seem serious about it and I'm happy to see that. I wish you the best of luck on this massive quest that you now have started and I will be sure to check back here every now and then.

I will also give you a few tips here. First of all, you should try to organize your blog a bit more. Try to make some certain distinctions, and describe your goals and ways of reaching them under certain topics. You should also add some pictures, that would make your blog a lot more interesting to a lot of people. Perhaps you could also tell us a bit more about your RS history in your blog, so we could get to know you a bit better?

But the probably best thing to do is to browse Blogscape, this forum, and check other peoples' blogs to get to know how to make a good blog :)

Once again, good luck and welcome here :)



Add me if you so wish: SwreeTak

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Good luck, I hope you know what you'r getting yourself into though :P

I'd say make sure you make money on as most of the skills as possible to afford the really slow and painful prayer.

Also have fun with stuff like rc


Again, best of luck



First they came to fishing

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't fishing;

Then they came to the yews

and I didn't speak out because I didn't cut yews;

Then they came for the ores

and I didn't speak out because I didn't collect ores;

Then they came for me

and there was no one left to speak out for me.


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Added a section to my original post with goal signatures to 99 for each skill, and 120 for dungeoneering. Should be getting 78 attack and possibly 81 constitution later today. Leaving for a trip tomorrow, and won't be on for several days.

Follow my progress toward maxing in f2p here:



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In reference to your opening statement, there are actually two players I know of who have reached it :shades: so I hope that makes you feel the teensiest bit better about trying for this goal. :D


Anyways, it looks like you're already off to a great start! Keep it up, dude, you'll go far.

I quit this game.

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In reference to your opening statement, there are actually two players I know of who have reached it :shades: so I hope that makes you feel the teensiest bit better about trying for this goal. :D


Anyways, it looks like you're already off to a great start! Keep it up, dude, you'll go far.



S Diamant Y and El Popo1?


Good Luck Levine1996! :]


i'm 12,000 years old and what is this

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Just got level 73 Woodcutting. Going to woodcut for a bit more, then shoot for 74 firemaking from 73. After that it's bed time; a lot to do tomorrow, including a pretty solid amount of time online grinding this stuff out.

Follow my progress toward maxing in f2p here:



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