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    Dutch is my native i also speak english and german rather fluent and i can make due in french well enough for holidays and stuff, guess that counts too
  2. but i cant get into the game. I had no problems before this, and now i'm having huge difficlty logging in. I get to the screen where you enter your password etc, click login, and then nothing but a lovely black screen. The screen wher you can pick a world etc won't appear. Am I the only one with this? I had it earlier today and it just took a while to load, now it doenst get past the damn black screen at all update: i just tested my noob acc and that logs in fine, wtf update2: after a reboot i managed o get it working again, though something changed my rs sound settings. But at least it works again, for now...:P
  3. i cant even load the main page atm
  4. me neither, but i just blame that on ignorance, Quy. I highly doubt he did any proper reading on the subject before shouting that
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWnWivspwRE&feature=autoplay&list=HL1334342619&lf=mh_lolz&playnext=4 Anna Netrebko
  6. dumb question but i've had it too, check the icon in the lower right corner (on the bar). I once had the same issue and for some reason the touchpad was de-activated
  7. yes there are still limits and i think you can find them in the Ge guide on this website, i think thats to be foudn under General Guides
  8. ADVERTISER: MMOsaver LANDING URL: www.mmosaver.com/ TYPE: Top Banner OR Side Banner SITE: MMOsaver MY LOCATION: Netherlands REASON: they advertise selling RS gold for reallife money
  9. sebas379

    RuneScape so slow

    I lag amazingly as well, might it be a Dutch problem?
  10. useually i just say "no thanks" and if they persist and it gets annoying, there's this lovely red fella in the lower right corner of the screen, also known as the ignore list
  11. Finnish songs, mocking the Russians. Made during WW2, especially the 1939-1940 Winter War For english lyrics you have to use the www
  12. i got 3980 crafting xp and a friend mentioned getting 50gp
  13. ADVERTISER: Gold4fun LANDING URL: http://www.gold4fun.com/Runescape-gold.html?gclid=CK3bsbmJsq4CFU2GDgodEVYlPQ TYPE: Side Banner SITE: Gold4fun, a goldselling website MY LOCATION: Netherlands REASON: it sells RS gold
  14. i still see about 25k people online, according to the main page
  15. ok so everyone's now kicked out? then im giving up on trying to log in every couple min. time for minesweeper, patience and pinball :P We'll see when they get it running again
  16. ah okay. thanks guys. must have missed that message then when i was looking around. Thanks for that.
  17. So, this afternoon i was playing, no problems, everything was fine. After dinner i come back to my pc, try to log in and i get the message "login server offline". So i figure, must be an update or something, i try again a few min later, still the same. Then i try getting on my noob acc, and i can't get on that one either. Folowing this i was chatting with my nephew, who said try mine, i quit the game 3 years ago and wont return. And I can get on that one, no problem at all. what the hell is the problem here. Any ideas?
  18. you could try posting it at some game review websites, there you would probably find a lot of people interested in these games
  19. General shooting games, so yes Call of Duty. okay thanks, i'll finish the questionnaire right away for you
  20. by shoot em up, you mean general first person shooters or the "simple browser based things"? Or also Call of duty etc
  21. All i can think of is making it 1 poll, being the list, and adding 1 option to that saying "no extra spot needed" or something like that
  22. there's one thing about your poll, if i want to vote no i still have to pick a city, so that's a bit useless. But that said, i think varrock does the job fine.
  23. sebas379


    Yes, they nuked a large amount of bots to smithereens, as you can see by the number of people online
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