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New Top 250 F2P Skill Total List

Lord Slayas

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Top 5 gains show same result multiple times, you might want correct that.

200m page links for players lead to empty page with "Please select a valid user."

You also miss few top players like Fluhinator, Legologie, Muziekman1 etc, you might want check my userlist. I can send you userlist in plain text ordered by total lvl/xp if you want, had a lot of work collecting all the names :P


Thank you for pointing those out, Ruli. I'll be doing a crawl tonight of the hiscores to solve some of those problems. I haven't done it in a long while, and it's shown. It's another process that I need to get automated. Do you have your updater automated now that you've moved to a paid host?

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not yet serrol trying to make it working with threads what should lower time from 30 mins to like 5 i believe, but for some reason it crashes at creating thread atm so using old script >.<

btw today personal pages at your website show stats captured 21st april (if viewed from links in hs or 200ms, top gains links are ok), maybe your update script gets interrupted at some point?

and top 5 gains still shows same result multiple times, also for dungeoneering #5 gain ->

5th Jenevrarose


maybe you might do something like

5th - -

if there is no so many gains, but it seems there is something wrong with script updating gains

http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t49/ruli_/mh1_zpsac8e2978.png (screened if it got updated till you read message)


btw cant you send me banlist? i probably havent saved it and even if i have, i formatted hdd :P

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Yeah, I'm having difficulties with my automation script. At first it turned out that it was running 3 loops of calculations on the data I'd collected, because I was doing it in two steps (get data from hiscores, then calculate gains and ranks and the like), but now it's just going haywire, so I'm disabling the automation and going back to manual for the time being. Ugh lol

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Hey guys, just checking in!


Since I've last logged in here it seems that Lord Slayas has stepped down as the maintainer of the list and I just want to thank him (and everyone else who helped!) for all his hard work and effort into keeping the F2P legacy alive! 


To the new maintainer(s?) of the list, hello! Here is an update with my stats, I haven't been on in a while but I figured I should get myself back on the new list!




Thanks again for everything you guys!


1543 Skill total, 100% F2P

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There are a couple lists floating around now: here and here.  I'm sure they'll check this thread but you could probably contact them directly to expedite the process if you so desired :).  Nice stats too!

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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New URL! - http://www.f2phiscores.com


Today I purchased a new URL, www.f2phiscores.com, and have redirected the site there. Until further notice, the old URL will also work just fine, though I'm going to redirect to the new site once things are confirmed to be stable. With the new URL comes a new subreddit for the site. From now on, the official boards for my specific site, and really the boards I'd love to open up to all members of the pure F2P community on Reddit, is: /r/f2phiscores. You can still get to us at the old subreddit, but those simply have a giant redirect link to the new one. Stop by and chat if you're already logged into Reddit, or even if you aren't.


From now on, please access the site via http://www.f2phiscores.com, and be sure to change your bookmarks to reflect the update. Thanks!


With this push, I've also fixed a few bugs on the daily XP gains list, and the 200m page. I'm going to be redoing the way I scrape the hiscores to both improve performance, reliability, and timeliness. Until then, all updates go out at 8pm EST, and the countdown on the site now reflects that properly. Be sure to log out of the game before that time if you're currently playing, or your stats might not make it up for that day (they will still be recorded for the next day, though, so don't worry). I figured this gives a better representation of what people actually do each day, instead of the previous method. Let me know what you guys think, and be sure to remind me if I'm missing you from the list!

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Update: Everything is now fixed! We lost a couple days of data, but we have everything up until August 11th, and then again today. Everything looks to be going swimmingly, so there shouldn't be a problem there. The scripts are working perfectly, and are doing everything exactly as they should.


Please note that this was a little hiccup and my host and I are working hard to ensure this doesn't happen again. I want to make sure that the site is stable and reliable above everything else.


Once again, I apologize for the downtime, and certainly hope no one was too inconveniences.

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What are the minimum requirements to get on the list again?


For my list, the only real requirements are:

  1. You appear on the official hiscores
  2. No member skill either visible on the hiscores or above level 5 (whichever happens last)
  3. Must currently not be a member

As long as you fit that profile, you can be on the F2PHiscores.com list. Right now there's an artificial limit, just because I haven't used the script I have to go through a hundred thousand hiscore pages to scrape for every single F2P player, but I have scrapped through roughly 15,000 pages of the hiscores to get the top 450.


If your name isn't on there yet, it's probably because I haven't taken the time to add you. It's nothing personal, just that you haven't been detected by my scripts. Let me know your username and I will manually add your name to the list. Once I add you to the list, your name will appear at approximately 8pm EST that day (or the next day if your name was added after the 8pm update). I actually have to get around to adding my own F2P character, Lt Wolfe, to it haha.

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Rank Player XP Gained 1st Syzygy 2,224,481 2nd Syzygy 1,830,536 3rd Dragonbeam 1,812,529 4th Barto222229 1,744,178 5th Clickbyclick 1,525,147

There are still problems with top 5 lt


My website might not get updated at time next few days, I cant access pc atm >.<


and my list reqs:

-never been member

-any total level

-doesnt require to be on jagex' hs, I can add inactive people too, just will show all stats 1


Arceus can i know whats why your main acc got banned? if you dont want talk here send me pm pls

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  • 2 weeks later...

i changed my name from I Eat Sub to Mufuletta


Updated! Thank you for telling me.


I will be creating a form soon to handle name changes, so that you won't have to rely on me to change them for you. Until then, please continue to either let me know in this thread, PMing me on Tip.it, PMing me on Reddit, or submitting a namechange request in our subreddit: thread http://www.reddit.com/r/f2phiscores/comments/2dddmi/character_missing_from_list/

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