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Death System Rework

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Before items kept on death was changed to the GE value, if you were at say, dagannoth kings, and you had...


Guthans, karils top, runexbow, whp, if you die, you'd only keep guthans helm, plate, and skirt.



The main difference between then and now is that instead of always keeping the items that are worth less, and losing items of high value (then), you will ALWAYS keep the most expensive things.


Additionally, then, value was determined by what you lost on death. You always lost verac, dharok helm, and spear on death. Thats why those cost more. Now, what dictates an item's value is partly based off of how they are implemented.


Then, BIC weapon is a 1/512 drop from a high end slayer monster. Everything right below it is from a challenging minigame, with several other items, equally as rare.


Now, melee is super easy to farm, range is a ([1/64]/[1/64]*6) drop, and mage is a rare drop from a boss that has a hard team floor and is generally hard to find people who want to teach you and thus, lose their advantage by exclusiveness.



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Use the Draynor lodestone, a bit north of that is Death's Office which you can access from his hourglass.


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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