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Tip.It Staff List

@Stev updated on Thursday, May 11, 2015



The Tip.It staff are a group of very hardworking and dedicated volunteers. Each and every one of them shares one goal. This is to provide you with an enjoyable, informative, and safe experience during your stay both on our website and our forums.


Our staff divides into three primary groups. Each group is equally vital in keeping Tip.It up and running. You can find more information on each below.

[anchor]aStaffList[/anchor]Staff List


Lead by: @Silverion

Administrators do most of their work behind the scenes and should be contacted if no moderators are online to assist you or if you have a significant issue with the forums or another staff member.



@MageUK - Forum and website coding / Server maintenance

@Randox - Forum moderation

@tripsis - TipIt. Monster Hunting Team

@Silverion - Advertisement / Founder / Server maintenance

@Xena_Dragon - CMS and website coding


Lead by: @Randox, @Stev


The Moderating team is primarily in charge of keeping the Forum boards clean and tidy. Senior Moderators have the additional responsibility to place bans when necessary, including for spambots.


The Moderator Leader has a similar role for the Moderator team as the Crew Leader does for Crew: to lead the team, consider and discuss policy changes, and assist with other administrative functions.


Please report obstructive blogs, profiles, and posts to notify the moderating team, using the Report button found in the footer of the appropriate page or piece of content. If you have concerns about anything related to the forum that you would rather discuss in private or doesn't fit under the report system, feel free to PM one of the Moderators, or the Moderator Leaders for more serious issues. Remember that Moderators are your fellow community members and RuneScape players as well!


Moderator Leader:


Senior Moderator:





@Miss Lioness


[anchor]aWebsiteCrew[/anchor]Website Crew

Lead by: @Arceus, @Stev


The website team, known as the Crew, are responsible for updating and maintaining the Tip.It website. You should contact one of them for website related matters, such as fixes, improvements, and updates.


The Crew Leaders are responsible for running the team, assigning tasks weekly, and keeping abreast of new content. They also code and design website plugins, calculators, and other tasks to keep things running smoothly under the hood.


The Senior Crew also engage in coding and are responsible for approving and publishing more detailed content such as guides and calculators once it is ready for review and assisting with more administrative tasks, such as handling applications and decision making.


The Website Crew also focus more on the coding side of things, processing submissions to our database and confirming them, and helping to transform information into readily accessible guides, calculators, and more!


Research and gathering information is a key element to updating almost anything on Tip.It (we don't make this stuff up!) and that's where the Junior Crew come in - whether it's helping track down the stats of item retroactively changed or at the forefront of training methods and information from the latest update.


Crew Leaders:



Senior Crew:



Website Crew:



@The Marquis

Junior Crew:






[anchor]aGetToKnowTheStaff[/anchor]Get To Know The Staff

For a bit more information on each staff member, including those of the Tip.It Monster Hunting Team, Editorial Panel, and a full list of retired staff, feel free to check out our Staff page on our main website or shoot us a PM to say hi!


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