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Party Hats - Future Prices


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These Hats are rising ridiculously fast, I mean really fast for the past 2 weeks. Blues just hit the 300m mark last week and now its up to 400m. Other hats are going up very fast too. I made a prediction that Blues would be hitting the 800m to 1b mark be next year, however looking at their growth they are growing 100m a week and the rest 20-30m a week. Alright I'll be generous, I'll say from now Blues would be going up 50m per week and the rest 15m.




Blues by next year - 52*50m = 2.6b + 400m(current price) = 3b


The Rest - 52*15m = 780 + 200 = 980m (Just a rough idea)




The point is, I just cant see Blues going up to 3b and the cap is around 2.1b? (I might be wrong on this). Even at 1b, I can't see any Party Hats going that high. I believe it will be stabilize at a certain price, and maybe fall but back up again at the stable price. I would say 1b would be the max that merchanters can feed off other merchanters. If your a self make cash person it would be a long way if your planning to buy one. Soon Party Hats will only be sold and bought by merchanters with multiple hats and rares.




So, I believe at one point in the future, sometime within 6-8 months the price of Party Hats will stabilize and wont go any significantly higher because of the GP cap (verify) and it would take a long time for self money makers like 91RCers, fishers, smithers, alchers too gain that much. I'm not saying its impossible but very possible if you invest in some skills. Thats why I'm going for 91RC, determined to buy my P Hat back. And for others who want one, you gotta follow prices and stick to a big money maker skill.

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Yeah I bought mine at 3k at that time, but lost it to a random after coming back from a 2 year break.




Blues are currently going up 50m a week, but 25m+ for sure.




:lol: - that's not a trend they can continue to do for long..

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It was like this when farming came out, just on a smaller scale. It seems like partyhats are raising fast to get ahead of their origional price before the price drop when construction came out. Eventually they'll raise at a much smaller rate than they are right now.

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If what you say happens then I have lost all of the few hopes I had of EVER getting a party hat. Yeah it would be nice to own one. But I could do so much more with the money. And if it reaches the GP Limit then it will be a worthless item. Because you could only sell 1 then you would run out of space. I beleive that the prices will have to stabilize or people will start dealing with dragon armor as currency.



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Let's just say.... I was online at the time when they where dropped... At that time you could buy it for 1k.... now it's worth a hell of a lot more, although they where duped ....




You're right dude! I think the price of a stupid party hat is riddiculous nowdays. They should be worth like 500k, not millions... it's just... stupid :?

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oo, dr_nuck, i remember you way back in the day...Imortal_Ell on forums...anyway




On-topic: Phat prices will only rise to the value that ppl are willing to pay for them...now i know 1-2b for a phat seems rediculous..but there will be so much cash in rs by then..what else to do with all this cash you have then buy phats.

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jagex is gunna introduce another money drain after a while


I believe that too. More money for me and my friend :D (My friend made like 3 mil in 2 hours when constrcution came out :shock: )

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^The thing is that is not money drain, you made 3m by selling planks, wood (I assume) so the money didnt leave the game. The way I see it, contruction didnt even make a dent on the RS economy, the drain was not enough. If Jagex is smart they shouldnt raise the GP cap.

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So? Let them rise. Soon enough they'll cost so much noone will EVER be able to afford one (a year ago only like 3 people in the entire game could have afforded a blue at the price they are now. :lol:) and the owners of them will have worthless pixels, as they were intended to be.




I see that R2pleasant or whatever his name is still spams the forums with insanely high prices just to up their value, yet buying none. :lol: And fools still take that as face value.

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my rs goal is to be just like the saradomin follower in my sig


in order to get that i need a white p hat


if the prices keep going up, i'll never be able to be a sara follower because im a poor f2p player


i think a way to balance (not drian) money is for jagex to start making tradable rares again


i dont know how that will work but it should do something


i know, 100k to ride santa's sleigh


get a new emote and santa gear and a lot of money will be drained from the cost of the ride


or something with the grim reaper


pay him to be able kill some npc's and have a chance to get his gear


or maybe santa drops more christmas crackers (still tradeable) and the pricesof p hats would drop




did i go off topic?

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My solution: give everyone about 6 months notice before Jadex makes them "only 1 per player". Just like the bunny ears, when you tried to get 2, you got a saying that said something like "you only have one head, you don't need 2".




Do the same for party hats. Keep them tradeable, buyable and sellable, just limit one per player.




What this will do is both lower prices (if you can only have one, no need to inflate prices to an extent no one would pay for them), and secondly allow for them to be spread out again. As it was intended to be.




In my personal opinion, no matter WHAT Jadex does with rares, it is bound to piss people off. I say that as both an owner of rares, but as someone who follows the economy.


Wow...I just scanned it with my new high tech program called "common sense" and it detected a scam.
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Back in classic, I had multiple party hats, but I never anticipated their meteoric rise in price. Not many people did... It was just a fun drop that people would show in the game.




Now, party hats are insanely expensive, and they give the people that own them huge advantages. While hat prices are only increasing, the value of most commodities is steadily decreasing or remaining constant. This will make it very difficult for developing players to ever obtain any rare items.




That's why I think nontradeable holiday drops were a huge step in the right direction, and I support the decision by Jagex to make future drops nontradeable.

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i think the highest price blue will go up to is 500M..




green=200M and under


red=mayb 200M..






white=400M tops





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Wow Wow Wow and More Wow. These prices are completely outrageous. I remember back in the day when phats were 100k Tops. I should've kept my phat set from back then :(

[Admin edit: We cant have this on a g-rated forum]

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