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Does anyone remember getting drunk *IN* rs?


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Not to be mistaken for getting drunk while playing rs :wink:




If im not mistaken, a long while back you could drink a bunch of beers and the screen, after a few moments, would go freakin crazy. It was awesome! Now, ive tried this again and nothing happens, so im now starting to think it might have been a different game? I certainly hope not because upon looking back, it was a pretty cool easteregg of the game, that not a lot of people really knew about/did






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Uh, even with my experiences in RSC, I don't think that what your talking about was in this game. The only thing with alcohol before was you could drink until you could train attack on the dummies with pures or you used to be able to drink and get a crazy amount of strength but that was a long time ago as well.

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if you drink that keg of beer you get during some quest your screen will shake back and forth for a few secounds




yea i've seen taht. i think if u drink a lot ur char starts moving around like that. btw i LOVE your sig. its so funny :lol:

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At the end of the barcrawl, if you try to examine the card, it says that's you're too drunk to read it. And when you present it to the guy who wanted you to complete it, you suddenly start talking all drunk again.



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