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the ghost level, perhaps fiction perhaps not.


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Sounds interesting.


Might best be proven in dharoks.


I guess I should establish that 101 hit before I near 100 strength then see if I can get a 102 or 103. :!:

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He just successfully trolled you with "courtesy" and managed to get a reaction out of you. Lol

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3 hit u is a bigheaded attempt of cool guy.





He was still one of the best players. And this 'ghost level' doesn't exist, it's been proven before. Maybe it's before your time, but it's been proven wrong.




According to this 'theory', SHariff50 should be hitting more than the average lv 99 strength player. But he's been asked before and said it's nothng special.





like i said, possible? yes, or no. its purely opinonated





No it isn't. It's already proven as players that exceeds the experience needed for 99 Strength admits that they can't hit any stronger than a normal player with 99 strength.




It's not 'opinionated' and can be proven right or wrong. In this case, wrong.

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Sorry I haven't answered earlier, I was away for the weekend.


possible? yes or no.


YES. It is possible, no doubt about it. I don't believe it's true because I think it's not practical, but it is not impossible.

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