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Howdy there,




Well, I've been using tip it for awhile, and its pretty cool. I decided to join the forums, so yeah, here I am. I've been playing RuneScape since 2001, I used to be a merchant, until party hats became so expensive that entire clans would have to save up for them... now I just cut yew logs and train combat (combat 81, woodcut 90) and yeah... Also, I'm from RuneVillage, and I'm a moderator there... hm, thats all I guess. If you want to add me on runescape, feel free. My rs name is Jackstick, pretty easy to remember... I usually hang out at the cabbage patch on world 7 (yes, I'm an order of cabbage Recruit) or training at hob goblins southwest of fally, or Varrock fighting guards. I'm f2p, I've been f2p for the 5 yrs I've played, and I hope no one flames me for that :cry:




btw, if "hey I'm new" topics aren't allowed.. I'm sorry :D




So yeah that's it.


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hold on ... ur lvl 81 and u train on hobgoblins?


well hi anyway, i played rs for a long time combat lvl 83 username: winky da elf


i play WoW now tho.


welcome to our humble forum




PS you've got to respect a man that has a name that has no numbers in it

i finally quit runescape to play world of warcraft. i play on frostmourne, alliance

check out my thread


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Welcome here :) one important thing to remember - no Runescape talk on offtopic... you'll get eaten alive if you try :P

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If you would fancy a chat or something add Wa Chick2




Welcome to tip.it, im sure you will have lots of fun, be sure to attend some events =D>

Isn't it lovely how having an opinion makes you hated around here?
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Hiya! Just to let you know, a good tip on these forums, is that Bubsa is really creepy, just kidding Bubsa you rock!




Check out the "Who's your favorite god?" thread. Somebody said Bubsa was their favorite god :-k :-s :lol:

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