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funny sales


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whats the most amount of money that you have got for somthing.


example 1: i got 20k for a anti-dragon fire sheild


example 2:100k for a rune pickaxe


share your funny storys here :thumbsup:

a study shows that 89% of all forum users have a sig like this. if you are one the 11% that think its dumb dont sell out and put this in your sig.


5/4 of all ppl have trouble with fractions


I will buy ALL your rune full helms for 7Kea
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I believe the OP meant "profitable sales" or along those lines. Eg: Someone knows the value of something but wants something desperate. I do this with quest items cause I truely cba'd to get the items.

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I already paid over 1m for an r2h... when they first came out :P




I already got paid 3k raw lob certs on an r2h... that was when the lob cert bug came out... they got erased if I remember correctly




And if I remember correctly I bought the full set of party hats for around 200-500k each hat... that was extremely cheap becuase they had been dropped in great ammounts back in hmm... 2002?

-War Elixir-

-Igor 10-

Good old pking...

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I sold my Mage short bow for 40k. Also was able to buy a D med in Varrock in a world for 500k, then later sold in Falador World 2 for 700k. That was merchanting accidentally lol.




PS. 200th Post woot.

Retired 8th October 2007 | 99 Fishing | 99 Cooking | Owner of a Red Mask and 2 Santa Hats |

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some guy saw me killing goblins at level 10 so he traded with me and kept putting up coins 10 at a time. I guess he didnt know u can just offer all with the offer x button. he went up to 240 then i thought it waz a waste of time so i declined.

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