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~[Mcginess]99 Cook/88 Fish/Dlegs+Skirt on same trip!!!!!!!~

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Hi again, im in 2 cooking pictures!!!! i wear blue hood and cape


camo clothes and rune


[spoiler=Old info]Quest Point Cape Acheived:14 October 07 4:30pm GMT+10 .

15108th to 99 Firemaking: 2 October 08 8:15pm GMT+10

Barrows Drops: Verac Flail, Verac Plateskirt x3, Guthan helm, Ahrim Robetop,

Karil top, Torag plate, Dharok plate, Dharok axe. 1900+ total lvl

Dragon Drops: 6: Dragon Legs (iron dragon), Dragon Spear(shadow warrior), Dragon Pickaxe(4)

DK Drops: Warrior Ring(2)

Bandos Drops: Tassets


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Keep up the 1337 owning!!! :thumbsup: =D> :XD:


There's no better way to say it! :mrgreen:







I'm lovin' the banner! Very nice fishing/cooking levels for your combat...goodluck on 99 in both..you'll get them in "no" time..




Post on my blog please..click teh cape in my siggy!



Thanks dude, i sure will post in ya Bloggy! :mrgreen:







Thanks for using Teh Bump sticker.... :mrgreen:








Im shark fishying right now and bumping this blog!


Ty Runemesta for making that Hitman siggy! :mrgreen:

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The amount of bots around these day's is rediculous, I for one HATE this! I want to put this to a stop immediatly.


I will be writing down every bot i see on a piece of paper, and one by one reporting them. If anyone will help me with this go ahead. If anyone wants to go green dragon bot killing with me it would be highly appreciated. Anyone who wants to kill them in any other ways (theres a few methods in the player made guides to killing bots) PM and ill come and help if im too busy.


We need to put a stop this and help JaGeX banish them all.


If anyone wants to help me with this PM, and you can do it with me!



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