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_-'-_ New quest rewards _-'-_


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I did the quest on the first day it came out. I killed the lvl 190 succesfully.




To kill him, u should use at least 22 sharks at my lvl.




He dropped a barrelchest anchor








Then, u have to talk to the tranquility monk again. U completed the quest.








U get:




2 quest points




6000 prayer exp




3000 crafting exp




2000 construction exp




U get a magic lamp who gives u 5000 exp in 1 skill above 30




U get the barrelchest anchor. He could be repaired at the pirate smith (on the docks) to be wielded.








Music unlocked:












Barrelchest Anchor bonus:




Strength +80




Attack, crush +82




?Attack, stab -2?




Defence, all 0








not all is sure, the things between the "??"'s are unsure

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Check the knowledge base. The new quest looks cool, not sure if someone my level could kill a level 190 though.




Well yes, use ranged on safe spots (behind the benches). And also use sharks.








Beware, u cant wear normal helmets or capes or u will be poisened!!!




U must have the diving aparatus and the diving helmet wielded.

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I killed him when I prepared properly, didn't have to use past 5 sharks, anything special?
5 Sharks, nice. But u are higher cb too...








i also used 5 sharks :-k








wow u were having a bad day with 22 sharks

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