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  1. Why are you slagging off TruthScape? That was an awesome site (and indeed it still exists under the name RuneScoop). It told the truth about the game, although many people didn't like that. And Qeltar didn't sell his soul for Gold or Platinum status from Jagex - unlike certain sites.
  2. Only the beginning. Jagex has been releasing and getting away with tons of, "That's minor in my book update." over the last few weeks and months. Each time, pushing their luck a little more and sinking a little lower. Each time not taking the interests and cares of their loyal members into consideration... What few of them are still human. Facebook. Loyalty programme. Katana. Temp bans (for members). Refer-a-friend. On and on and on. Again, only the beginning. Listen to Wicked, he speaks the truth btw Read what Mark Gerhard had to say at some conference in Edinburgh recently (the article is dated 12 August 2011) http://www.develop-online.net/news/38441/Jagex-Listen-to-the-trolls-but-go-with-your-gut
  3. ....... Essentially, I just found it strange that you were assuming that there would be no actual longterm content this month as there hasn't been a new area mentioned in the BTS (besides Darkmeyer) and complaining about a lack of recent content when you haven't even tried it out yet. :P It's called "The triumph of experience over hope"
  4. Down E5 (6 letters) - I hear a musical piece that has a ball CANNON Sounds like "canon" which is a musical piece
  5. Our of curiosity, has anyone come across a translation of the fleeting Latin in the background? If someone can copy the text, I'd translate, but I can't be asked to stop the video at every other frame to do so =p. It's ripped from the Bayeaux Tapestry, either partial bits or superimposed PORTANT ARMAS AD NAVES TRAhUNT CVM VINO VBI hAROLD SACRAMENTVM VVILLELMO I think the writing under the portal is missing the last 2 letters and should read: FECIT hIC hAROLD
  6. Jagex is so used to using only 1 finger towards players that they forgot the others exist. Best tip.it post EVER
  7. What the game needs is a new Bothunting skill, which would use the techniques outlined in this thread, with perhaps some extra official bothunting tools We would be happy as we would get our levels up whilst having some fun, either individually or in groups Jagex would be happy as the players would be doing their work, and if any were banned then the bots would either buy back their accounts or start new accounts paying their monthly fee earlier than they would have done on their banned account And the bots would know that they can bot forever as the game would need bots, so they would be happy Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me I'm just wondering what the icon for the Bothunting skill would be
  8. Check out the Youtube vid by Jiblix called "What A Botiful World."
  9. But you'll only be able to get the ingame weapon if you use the redemption code from the DVD you've just bought
  10. You haven't got a "I don't give a monkey's ..." option
  11. Linda Hamilton as in Terminator and Terminator 2 She starts off knowing nothing, being all nice and totally useless, but her experiences toughen her up til she becomes badass --->
  12. Just got 74 snaps from 1 run of 5 patches using juju potion
  13. Will we be able to get pretzelz from stall and throw them to each other like frisbees? And can we keep them afterwards? If no, not interested
  14. Troll - traditionally creatures from Scandinavian folklore but now used to refer to people who flame others on the internet
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