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  1. Just define the runes as numbers - 1 is a law rune, 2 is a fire rune, etc. Then just plug it into a solver. You can solve any problem as fast as you can enter in the numbers.
  2. [ PLAYERS ]: There are currently 85,739 players online on 162 servers 529/server, 26.46% capacity. The online record is 251,027 set on Dec 9 2007. Funny how the date was one day before the day we all know. Well, the US lost a huge amount of kids the year that the Internal Revenue Service started asking for Social Security numbers when naming dependants on tax day. I think the numbers are in the millions. Greatest infanticide in history? \
  3. If you're using Windows, you can use Swiftkit to do it for you. Sign onto an IRC channel and type in "!ge ". If you're using Linux, you'll probably have to write the code yourself.
  4. When I find a genuine woman, it takes several weeks of conversation before it actually comes up. Real girls who play Runescape, 99% of the time, hate the attention. They are in fact far less conspicuous than average male players. Why? Because the RS community is full of idiot 13-year-olds who just got past the "girls are icky" phase but haven't gotten to the "girls are real people" phase. Hell, some of them will never get there. So, to avoid that whole mess, they keep their heads down. The three people whom I know without a doubt are women are probably the last people the average RS player would think of as women - they're quiet, purposeful, (i.e. they don't stand around Lumbridge e-flirting with every guy who comes around) and polite. Bottom line - you have no idea who you are talking to. It could be a pimply-faced 14-year-old whose skin could be represented by #FFFFFF, or it could be a hot supermodel. If you're obnoxious, the former will be the only friend you have; you'll be on the latter's ignore list before you can say "Pix pl0x."
  5. For some reason I turn heads with my cape. "How long did it take you?" "How did you do it?" "How much alcohol was consumed?" Of course, I also get the "Look at that guy with no life" every once in a while. I don't really like untrimmed capes. They look nice, but they also limit your character's achievement. I saw a level 25 with a hitpoints cape, and said, "That's really impressive, but what are you going to do when you want to get better with that guy? All that hard work is going to be for nothing." I'm currently working on trimming my agility cape, and I get annoyed when people tell me that I should leave it untrimmed. What impresses me is a high-level character taking time out of his grinding to help a noob with something. I saw a guy the other day with a runecrafting cape teaching a level 70 on the basics of runecrafting in the Abyss. As someone who lost full rune because he was ignorant (everyone was) when it came out, I was impressed and told him so. His response: "It's no big deal. Five minutes of teaching makes a friend for life." It's a pity that more people aren't like that guy.
  6. Larryr quit a long time before the RWT updates came out. He's had 157 million runecrafting XP for as long as I've been checking the high scores, and that started 3 years ago.
  7. Most is probably mining, followed closely by firemaking. Least is probably woodcutting. Read other things, wait for the "Eaaaaauuuhhh" sound, turn back to RS, find another tree, wash, rinse, repeat.
  8. My hero is Sebsob. I trained agility with him while he was a level 90 going for 99. He has since gotten a bit better...
  9. Since I got my agility cape, I've had noob after noob ask me questions about it. Most of them are pretty generic - "What cape is that?" "How long did it take to train?" "Do you have a life?" "Do you have to be members?" Et cetera. I actually like noobs - for the most part, they don't have egos, and it feels rewarding to be the guy who enlightens them. One noob took the cake. Corrected for spelling errors. Noob: What cape is that? Me: Agility cape. Noob: How much was it? Me: Well, technically it cost 99k. Noob: Okay can I buy one? Me: You need 99 Agility to get one. Noob: No I'm talking about buying one. Like in GE Me: They're untradeable. Noob: Then how do I get one? Me: Like I said before, get 99 Agility. Noob: How much does it cost? Me: Well, most of my training was done before the energy update came around Me: So I spent a few hundred K on energy pots. But now it's pretty much free. Noob: No how much does the cape cost? Me: Sorry man, I have things to do.
  10. The jokes write themselves, don't they? Innuendo aside, I suggest you set a timer while doing Runecrafting. One hour, do it with standard detail. The other hour, do it with high detail. My guess is that the two will be about the same. Maybe the HD will have 1-2 more loads of runes per hour, just maybe. My own experience with runecrafting tells me otherwise, though. Don't sweat it. Now PKing, on the other hand, I wouldn't wanna have a bad computer period.
  11. The price is the price is the price. In case you missed the succinct wording of my last sentence, there is no such thing as "overpriced" or "underpriced." It's all in your mind. (Best to read that and envision a hippy saying it to you. It's all in your miiiiiiiind, man!) Say you want to buy a pristine mint condition Superman #1 comic book (I am not a comic book nerd). You can't afford one, because they cost about $160,000 each. Why is that? Very simple - there aren't enough Superman #1 comic books to go around. Back when that issue came out, not only did no one care about Superman, but comic books weren't seen as collectibles (See the parallel here? For the slow: very few people played Runescape in the beginning, and those who did didn't think of phats as commodities. They were just a cute Christmas gift from Andrew Gower, to be played with and thrown away after the end of Christmas). Now that there aren't any of them, plus comic book collecting is a moderately popular hobby for some people, there's a huge amount of demand and a tiny amount of supply. Add that to the fact that every so often Mom comes into said collectors' basements and cleans out their "junk," and you have a commodity that will never go down in price (and will always be incredibly expensive). Is it overpriced because you are only willing to pay $130,000 for a Superman comic book? No - in reality, you are the one who is in the wrong. The price is simply an indicator of whether there is enough to go around for everyone's comic book needs. It can't be wrong, because it's just an indicator. The people who drive the price up or down can be wrong, but the price is never wrong. The Price is Right! That's true in the real world, too. I can't afford my health insurance/rent/car repair/Cheerios. It must be overpriced! Someone should change the price so that I can afford it! (Of course, if someone told them that their own wages were "overpriced," they'd probably throw a fit. Go figure)
  12. To be honest, I have no idea why competitive minigames have rewards. Cooperative? Sure. Fishing Trawler, Pest Control, etc can be used effectively to net massive amounts of experience and materials. It also fosters interaction between players. But competitive games have a problem - the winner gets stuff, and the loser fails. So, what does the loser do? He either joins the winning team, or he leaves. There are two ways to keep this from happening. Either remove the rewards, or remove the competition. Otherwise, the players will take steps to make everyone a winner (to make everyone stay). Take a look at the successful competitive minigames - Castle Wars and Clan Wars. People have lots of fun, and there's very little fixing. Why? Because of the reasons stated before - the rewards are lame, so the only thing that people play for is the fun of the game. Same thing with Clan Wars. There aren't any rewards, so people just have fun with it. But put actual rewards into a competitive game and people will stop caring about the game itself. They want to get the top reward and go back to doing whatever else they wanted to do. That's why the Great Orb Project and Mobilization Armies (and to a lesser extent Stealing Creation) are such flops in this regard - the only way to actually get some sort of value out of the game is to play it in a manner that wasn't intended by the creators. If Jagex wants to keep making competitive games that are both fun and competitive, they have to get rid of the rewards. Otherwise, why bother? If the rewards are the only reason to play, then it's not a game - it's a big multiplayer quest. After all, if the game is actually good enough, people will play it on its own merits rather than the rewards it brings. Shouldn't that be the point of a minigame?
  13. P2P would win easily. Dragon halberds, ice barrage, et cetera. Bulk attacks would slaughter F2P easily. Remember, one ice barrage hits 9 people. One person slaughtering dozens of F2P players, especially when there are thousands of people with high-level ancients, would slaughter even the most powerful of F2P.
  14. A good player is someone who treats everyone around him with the respect they deserve. Note "deserve." Newbs deserve respect, as they are the future of the game. The asshats who only exist to annoy and irritate others, on the other hand, don't. If you respect others, I honestly don't care whether you have twenty-one skill capes or whether you just finished Cook's Assistant; you're a good player in my book.
  15. He's probably sitting on the couch laughing with Penn and Teller (I love that show) right now, but ah well. War, even under the watchful eyes of God, was still rampant. Those Israelites were watched like a hawk by God, and they still had to massacre the Canaanites, the Midianites, and other assorted dudes.
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