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  1. Would Pest control give me the best ranged xp if i range and spend all the points on range or is there better ways of getting ranged xp?
  2. I just became member and i'm wondering which quests are easy and gives good rewards.
  3. sorry if this question is a bit dumb but where can i buy a green gnome robe top? I just became member and need it for a treasure scroll. also, do i need to do a quest to get one?
  4. Ankous are pretty good for hitting with crumble undead. They also drop ok stuff considering that they drop mith ore(1-10), law runes(2), addy arrows(5-20 i think), rune essence(15), and it's all noted so it's stackable.
  5. Just wondering, if you log off of a members world in a members only area like Camelot or any other place, where would you be if you go on a F2P world?
  6. When i powermine in varrock east mine, there's always noobs say: "stop hogging", "stop doing that", or "we lower level people have to work hard for money, so get out of here, you high level noob". Everybody started at a low mining level and they all slowly leveled up, even with high level there. And if you can't mine iron faster than someone else, stop mining it. Don't go around complaining and go mine something else. When you get a high mining level, you can mine the iron yourself.
  7. the difference between crush defence and other ones isn't that high, not gonna help you much. It's just going around with a rune scimmy normally and rune scimmy+rune 2h when pking. Baxe doesn't even hit that often and is slow, not gonna be helpful for killing people.
  8. The wildy fishing spot is at level 35-37 farthest east possible. It has 3 fishing spots that constantly moves. Fishing there and banking isn't very good as it is also pretty far away from banks and there are pkers (I like pking there because people are mostly low on food and many others go there too).
  9. Full lederhoesen looks really good on a female character, i always wear it when i'm skilling or something (it looks bad on a male character though). You could wear full dhide gold with rune g helm, that looks cool too.
  10. Would level 76 ranged be more accurate than level 70 attack? Assuming that it has the same attack and range bonus.
  11. 70% is from your defence and 30% from your mage level. The best defence against magic is dhide (at least in F2P), robes are not as effective.
  12. I'm training ranged to 90 and i've tested a few places: a)Varrock sewers-Moss giants are good when it's not crowded but it usually is, spiders require a lot of running around to collect arrows b)The lesser demons are ok either under karamja or on crandor. Slightly slower xp than moss giants but usually empty with 2 demons to yourself ontop of crandor c)Ice giants are ok, but way too many people there normally that are only after giants, which slows you up d)ankous have pretty high def, but nobody's ever there. Half safe spot at level 70 something ankous and 3/4 safe spot at the level 82 ankous. e)Mossys on crandor is the best for quick xp if it's not crowded. There's no safespot but they don't do much damage. all the other ones aren't as good, maybe the guards outside black knight fortress or black knights but i've never tried. Pikcing up your arrows lets you get considerbly more xp than if you dont. And btw, nice stats for F2P
  13. it completely depends on what you do and if you're a member. First of all, if you don't pk, there's no point in higher certain stat so you should keep it all equal. Members don't need as high a strength because member wepons already do enough damage to not make that much of a difference. If you pk in F2P, even the best weapon doesn't hit well through rune and attack doesn't help that much so people with higher strength has a chance of getting in 2 or 3 consecutive high hits to kill people that doesn't safe eat (because the best food in F2P is swordies but most people carry lobbies, which only heal 12, so a few consecutive 17s and 18s would kill the person even if he eats).
  14. Which skill should you train first to stay at a low combat level the whole time? I'm planning to get all my combat skills up except defence and would it make a difference whether i train my attack for 40 and strength to 60 and then train my range to 70 or is it better to train my other combat skills first and then go back to melee?
  15. ranged would help to get runners that you can chase after. If you don't go that deep, there's no point to ranged as you're great for melee. To be able to hit the same damage as you do now with ranged you have to be like level 90 something.
  16. When you were just a newcomer to runescape and it's your first time going into into the wilderness and you never knew what it is, what happened to you? My first time in the wildy was back in RSC when everybody was with a rune 2h at level 1 wildy and you can't run until you fought for 3 rounds. I got slaughtered by someone when i was level 45 and lost full addy, which was pretty expensive comparing to now. After that, i avoided the wildy until a year ago. So, what's your story?
  17. At level 86 combat, i have 72 ranged right now and i'm thinking should i just go deep wildy with range most of the time or still melee. If i shouldn't, what level should i go wildy with ranged? F2P
  18. tank rangers are the best against most people, but to start training one,it takes a lot of time and you'll really need to start off with enoguh combat level for you to train def fast because training def with range is as slow as hell. Rangers with over 85 ranged and 70 def are pretty good in deep wildy and death matches.
  19. I'm lvel 86 combat right now and i want to get better pking stats with this account. My combat stats are: 69 attack 75 strength 60 defence 73 hp 72 ranged My options are to either a) get better attack, B) to get better strength, or c) to get to above level 85 ranged and above level 75 defence. Which option is better? i'm F2P
  20. I've been training my range to 70 and now i'm going for level 80. During that time, i've trained on lessers, moss giants/red spiders, and currently on ice giants (i'm F2P). i'm wondering which one of these spots actually gives more xp to ranged (i don't care about loot or xp for any other skills).
  21. It's not for no reason. Just yesterday a guy posted a topic about this and he stated he has used a macro before. i seen this with a few other people too. So it's likely another huge banning for autoers or something. The chances of a bug causing just a few accounts to be banned isn't likely to happen. And less complaining now, it's just a game. If you knew you did nothing wrong, send an appeal
  22. i'll come if i'm on during that time. combat level is 85.
  23. Random events are RANDOM, thats why some people get them. Even if you see 1 guy under level 30 with full something, there are hundreds more with nothing. However, if you really want randoms, do something for 20 minutes straight and then high-alch. If you got no random during that 20 minutes, you should get one. except if you keep changing things you're doing or trading.
  24. Just wondering, how many rares were dropped or given away? I never saw one. I really wish i gotten a santa hat after losing my old one... Btw, was the first trivia question the one about delrith?
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